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Five Mayo men protesting against the construction of a dangerous gas pipeline through their community were sent back to jail on Monday -- despite confirmation that some of the construction work was carried out without official permission.

Published July 25, 2005

Translation problems in Kerry

A debate is raging in an Irish-speaking town in County Kerry, where local residents are to vote on changing the town’s name back to its original Irish form.

Published July 25, 2005

Speculation over Provisional IRA statement

Republicans are working hard to enable the Provisional IRA to abandon its armed struggle, but others have their parts to play, Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams said tonight [Monday night].

Published July 25, 2005

Churches attacked

Holy Cross Catholic church in north Belfast came under petrol bomb attack at the weekend.

Published July 25, 2005

London shoot-to-kill draws Irish parallels

Irish families have accused British authorities of hypocrisy after police apologised for shooting Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes dead on the London underground.

Published July 25, 2005

Decommissioning chief arrives

The head of the arms decommissioning body is already in Belfast awaiting developments ahead of an expected move by the Provisional IRA to disarm.

Published July 16, 2005

Notes on the marching season

Journalist Anne Cadwallader gathers memories about the marching season -- some of them hers, some, not but all of them, true.

Published July 16, 2005


The Continuity IRA has claimed responsibility for a blast bomb attack on British forces amid rioting in north Belfast on Tuesday.

Published July 16, 2005

Loyalists’ suicide jibe provokes anger

Unionists erected a slogan on a bonfire in Belfast earlier this week mocking nationalists who have taken their own lives.

Published July 16, 2005

PKK blamed for death of Irish tourist

An Irish teenager from County Waterford has died in a suicide bomb blast in Turkey blamed on Kurdish separatists, the PKK.

Published July 16, 2005

Prisoners ‘punished’ over segregation

Tyrone priest Monsignor Denis Faul has warned of a danger of a Republican hunger strike in Maghaberry prison because of poor prisoner conditions.

Published July 16, 2005

Sectarian violence continues

A Catholic woman whose north Belfast home was hit by blast bombers today said she believed the attack was meant to kill.

Published July 16, 2005

British ethos to blame for lack of equality

By Brian Feeney (for the Irish News)

Equality of status and parity of esteem. That’s a phrase you don’t often hear these days. Yet it was a fundamental concept of the Good Friday Agreement. All the participants in the talks in 1997 committed themselves in the Declaration of Support for the Agreement to equality and mutual respect.

Published July 12, 2005

SF concern over Criminal Justice reform

Criminal justice oversight commissioner, Britain’s Lord Clyde, has published his fourth oversight report on the progress of the recommendations.

Published July 12, 2005

The Glorious Twelfth

By Susan McKay (for the Irish News)

And so dawns the Glorious Twelfth after a weekend which saw the attempted murder by arson of a Catholic couple in north Belfast, and the terrifying eviction from her home in Ahoghill, Co Antrim, of Kathleen McCaughey.

Published July 12, 2005

Brutal feud ‘execution’

An ongoing feud between unionist paramilitary organisations has left another man dead and another critically injured.

Published July 12, 2005


A number of injuries were reported in north Belfast this evening as an anti-Catholic Orange Order parade was forced through the republican Ardoyne community.

Published July 12, 2005

Hostility grows to expected IRA statement

Speculation that a statement by the Provisional IRA on its future direction is expected within days are being discounted by some republican sources.

Published July 12, 2005

Sectarian attacks mark Twelfth

Arsonists attempted to murder a Catholic family in north Belfast at the weekend.

Published July 12, 2005

Support for Truth Commission

South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu has said Ireland could learn from his country’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Published July 12, 2005


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