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Chef fears Donaldson link in ‘scapegoat’ bid

An American chef linked to an alleged “break-in” at the PSNI police headquarters in Belfast has said it is very possible he has been set up by British agent Denis Donaldson and PSNI Special Branch detectives.

Published December 22, 2005

British must commit to peaceful and democratic activity

The so-called Stormont-gate affair was a carefully constructed lie created by the Special Branch in order to cause maximum political damage to the Good Friday Agreement.

Published December 22, 2005


Sinn Féin has withdrawn its support for the British government’s controversial Northern Ireland (Offences) Bill, which deals with the issue of individuals on-the-run (OTRs) from outstanding conflict-related prosecutions.

Published December 22, 2005

Website used to trace missing LVF victim

The family of a woman thought to have been murdered by unionist paramilitary criminals earlier this year has launched a website in a bid to find her remains.

Published December 22, 2005

No love for Ulster rally

Republican Sinn Féin are to organise a counter-demonstration to oppose a rally in Dublin by the ‘Love Ulster’ campaign on January 28, which has apparently been given the go-ahead by city authorities.

Published December 22, 2005

Orde excuses on Stormontgate ‘an insult’

Efforts by the PSNI police chief Hugh Orde to blame the spying activities of a British informer on Sinn Féin have been greeted with derision by nationalists.

Published December 22, 2005

Playwright flees UDA threats

A prominent playwright is in hiding, and his family have been forced to flee their homes - after a campaign of death threats and bomb attacks by unionist paramilitaries.

Published December 22, 2005

Sinn Fein leaders angry but defiant

Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams has now called on the British government to accept responsibility for bringing down the North’s power-sharing executive in 2002.

Published December 19, 2005

Statement of Denis Donaldson

The following is the statement of former British agent Denis Donaldson.

Published December 19, 2005

Republicans should insist informers are unmasked

The Tanaiste has emerged from the shadows to claim that police files are “not confidential at all”.

Published December 19, 2005

Portrait of a traitor

There is no denying that republicans are angry and disgusted by the outing of the once popular, and occasionally revered, Denis Donaldson.

Published December 19, 2005

Hitting the fan

It was a weekend of confusion, reaction, hyperbole and, probably, even more deception.

Published December 19, 2005


The exposure of a top-level spy within Sinn Fein has dealt a significant if belated blow to the British government’s efforts to control and manipulate the peace process.

Published December 19, 2005

Ireland’s first gay wedding

The first Irish gay couple to form a civil partnership hope “many more” will follow. Grainne Close and Shannon Sickels exchanged vows in a private ceremony at Belfast City Hall before emerging to the cheers of supporters, the crush of photographers and opposition from hymn-singing protesters.

Published December 19, 2005

CPI backs Connolly, due process

The Centre for Public Inquiry is standing solidly behind its chief Frank Connolly, denounced as “a subversive” [a republican] by Minister for Justice Michael McDowell.

Published December 19, 2005

Continuing with an old practice

By Brian Feeney (for the Irish News)

Stormontgate is not the first time the DPP and the British attorney-general have decided not to proceed with a prosecution. Far from it.

Published December 15, 2005

The Shannon cover-up

By Tim Hourigan

Having spent the past four years monitoring Shannon airport through wet summers and cold winter nights, I think I can speak for the small group of Shannon watchers when I say it would be nice to be able to trust official assurances.

Published December 15, 2005

Mixed reaction to Ferry workers’ deal

Trade unions are expected to call for its members to support an apparent resolution of the Irish Ferries’ dispute during talks early Wednesday morning.

Published December 15, 2005


A leading member of the American Anti-war movement and a mother of a US soldier killed in Iraq has called on the Dublin government to stop being “complicit in war crimes.”

Published December 15, 2005

CPI was a threat to the 26-County state - McDowell

Sinn Féin has clashed in the Dublin parliament with the embattled Minister for Justice, Michael McDowell, over his admission that he leaked official documents to the media in an attempt to destroy an independent government watchdog body.

Published December 15, 2005


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