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Finucanes win support

The opposition leader in the 26 Counties has led calls for a full public inquiry into the 1989 murder of Belfast defence lawyer Pat Finucane.

Published January 14, 2006

Bring on ‘Miss Good Cheer’

By Bill Delaney

The New Year is typically the time of year when we look back at the past twelve months of the peace process. This period coincides with the release of historical papers, which provides a new insight into the actions of previous governments.

Published January 10, 2006

The origins of the 1981 hunger strike

This year, 2006, marks the 25th anniversary of the 1981 hunger strike. We will be carrying several feature article throughout the year on the story of that fateful struggle.

Published January 10, 2006


A republican prisoner has accused the British government of denying him his human rights.

Published January 10, 2006

1916 letter must be returned

Sinn Fein has called on the British government to hand back a surrender letter rebel leader Padraig Pearse gave to an English general after the Easter Rising.

Published January 10, 2006

Legal action over Parades Commission

A nationalist resident is to mount a legal action against the appointment of two members of the Protestant Orange Order to the North’s Parades Commission.

Published January 10, 2006

Death of Merlyn Rees

The death in a London hospital last week of former British governor in Ireland, Merlyn Rees, followed the release of historical government papers which shed light on his role in the conflict.

Published January 10, 2006

US use of Shannon grows

New figures have shown that more than 300,000 US troops had passed through Shannon airport in the west of Ireland last year.

Published January 10, 2006

DUP rejects IRA arms inventory

A published inventory of weapons decommissioned by the Provisional IRA would come as “too little, too late,” a DUP politician has said.

Published January 10, 2006

Dirty tricks’ seen behind spy rumours

Sinn Fein has warned that speculation more spies could be unearthed within the party may be coming from some elements within the British intelligence service.

Published January 6, 2006

Parties gear up for talks

All parties and the Dublin and London governments have a public duty to work together in 2006 to restore power to the North’s political institutions, Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams has said.

Published January 6, 2006

Hain doesn’t sound like a man in charge

Peter Hain hasn’t presented a single fact. That’s why none of the north’s political parties believes his gloss on what has unfolded in the last couple of weeks.

Published January 6, 2006

Reiss’ attack fuels the wrong message

The RUC was never a police service. It was a political paramilitary militia, which engaged in the most disgraceful abuse of human rights which included torture and murder.

Published January 6, 2006

IRA New Year statement

The following is the full text of the annual New Year statement by the Provisional IRA.

Published January 6, 2006

Who killed Lindsay Robb?

A former member of the British army is the main suspect in the controversial killing of a leading unionist paramilitary figure.

Published January 6, 2006

Sectarian attacks in Derry, Belfast

The home of a Catholic family in Derry has been targeted in a sectarian attack.

Published January 6, 2006

Informers - an unsavoury fact of life

By Jim Gibney (for the Irish News)

I first met Denis Donaldson, or rather I met his name, a few days after June 27 1970. The word on people’s lips on the streets of the Short Strand was that he and a few other teenage members of the local IRA saved the people of the Strand from a loyalist pogrom.

Published December 30, 2005

Former hunger striker dies

Former hunger striker and Sinn Féin activist Matt Devlin has died in hospital after an illness.

Published December 30, 2005

Dissidents cause race event cancellation

The St. Stephen’s Day horse-racing meeting at the ‘Down Royal’ course outside Hillsborough in County Down was evacuated on Monday because of a bomb alert.

Published December 30, 2005

Scraps of 1975

Some of the other details which have emerged so far from the historical papers released in Dublin, Belfast and London under the 30-year-rule.

Published December 30, 2005


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