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British government draft guidelines for community restorative justice schemes in the North have been given a mixed welcome by northern nationalists.

Published December 8, 2005

McDowell smears Frank Connolly

26-County Minister for Justice Michael McDowell has hidden behind parliamentary protections to accuse journalist Frank Connolly, of being involved in an alleged IRA plot to train rebels in Colombia’s civil war.

Published December 8, 2005

Rising building to be protected

Councillors in Dublin have voted unanimously to protect 16 Moore Street, the last headquarters of the 1916 Rising leaders, and three adjoining houses on the street.

Published December 8, 2005

Concern mounts over US use of Shannon

The US ambassador to Ireland, James Kenny, is being asked to answer questions on the illegal transport of abductees through Shannon airport amid increasing controversy over the Dublin government’s dealings with the Bush administration.

Published December 8, 2005

End stalling on institutions - SF

The British and Irish governments must produce an action plan for reviving power-sharing in the North and the all-Ireland cross-border institutions, British MPs were told today.

Published December 8, 2005

Movement needed on powersharing - Adams

Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams has said the British and Irish governments should prepare a plan to restore the North’s powersharing institutions early next year.

Published December 4, 2005

Much more likely to be of use to oppressors

There are also potential ramifications for the media in publishing announcements or claims from proscribed organisations since such statements could be interpreted as promoting the objectives of terrorism or inciting fear.

Published December 4, 2005

Bogus arrest damages peace process

A Sinn Féin assembly member arrested by police investigating the Claudy bomb attack has accused the PSNI of trying to wreck his reputation.

Published December 4, 2005

Electoral fraud continues

The British government is being urged to create a permanent rolling electoral register after it emerged that 100,000 voters in the Six Counties remain disenfranchised despite the compilation of a new list.

Published December 4, 2005

The Irish Stone

By Jim Dee (for Daily Ireland)

Wandering away from the glittering lights of downtown Montreal towards the expansive St Lawrence River, a visitor approaching Victoria Bridge will find a grim memorial to history’s often cruel hand.

Published December 4, 2005


Nationalist residents’ groups opposed to unionist parades have described the new Parades Commission as a “sop” to unionists.

Published December 4, 2005

Sinn Féin challenges legality of sanctions body

Sinn Féin lodged legal papers in the High Court in London yesterday, seeking to have the so-called ‘Independent Monitoring Commission’ declared unlawful.

Published December 4, 2005

Victims see legislation as British cover-up

The British government has been urged by victims’ groups to ‘go back to the drawing board’ and introduce a proper truth recovery process.

Published December 4, 2005

Northern state is being eroded

By Tommy McKearney (for Daily Ireland)

Last week’s proposals for reforming public administration in the North may eventually prove to be as significant as the abolition of Stormont in 1973. For the first time since the struggle for Civil Rights challenged an undemocratic unionist regime in 1968, Britain’s government is giving practical recognition to the fact that the political entity known as Northern Ireland is unworkable.

Published November 30, 2005

Centenary celebrated

The 100th anniversary of the day on which Sinn Féin was founded was marked by a number of republican events this week.

Published November 30, 2005

New campaign to legalise emigrants

The United States is being urged to give working visas to tens of thousands of undocumented Irish immigrants.

Published November 30, 2005

The founding of Sinn Féin

The founding date of Sinn Féin is 28 November 1905. On that date the first Annual Convention of the National Council was held in the Rotunda, Dublin. The meeting began at 11am and among the over 100 delegates were Arthur Griffith, Edward Martyn, Thomas Martin, John Sweetman, Jenny Wyse-Power, Padraig Mac Piarais, Maire de Buitleir, Patrick McCartan, Oliver St John Gogarty, Peadar O Cearnaigh, Sean T O Ceallaigh and William Cosgrave. Two of those delegates, Mac Piarias and Michael O’Hanrahan of Wexford, were among the executed leaders in 1916.

Published November 30, 2005

Ferry stand-off continues

A national day of solidarity is being organised next week as a dramatic protest by Irish Ferries workers continues.

Published November 30, 2005


The arrest of Sinn Féin assembly member Francie Brolly in connection with the 1972 Claudy bomb investigation has provoked immense anger.

Published November 30, 2005

OTR bill ‘will be passed’ - Hain

The British government has said it will not tolerate any “wrecking amendments” to proposed legislation concerning those ‘on the run’ from potential conflict-related prosecutions.

Published November 30, 2005


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