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Govts press ahead with recall plan

Sinn Féin has told Tony Blair that under no circumstances will it take part in a powerless ‘shadow’ assembly in Belfast or its committees.

Published April 5, 2006

Movement on demilitarisation welcomed

Republicans have welcomed action on the promised demolition of five remaining British army spy posts in south Armagh, which began suddenly this week.

Published April 5, 2006

No Catholics need apply for new fund

Catholic areas are excluded from a new 33 million pound plan to combat poverty in Belfast, it has been revealed.

Published April 5, 2006

Parades Commissioner openly biased

A member of the supposedly independent Parades Commission has admitted he is working in support of the Protestant Orange Order “from inside the fence”.

Published April 5, 2006

IRA Volunteer jailed

A former IRA Volunteer has been imprisoned in Germany over an attack on a British army base in the country almost 17 years ago.

Published April 5, 2006

Top informer found dead

Denis Donaldson, who spied for British forces for over twenty years while working as a top Sinn Fein official, has been found dead.

Published April 4, 2006

Paisley’s demands conceded, say reports

It is being reported that the Belfast Assembly will be recalled three times in the next few months and could be finally shut down on November 24.

Published April 3, 2006

Adams off US ‘terror’ list

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams has been removed from a US government ‘terrorist watch list’ following a meeting between US politicians and transport officials.

Published April 3, 2006

Sinn Fein condemns Derry bomb hoaxers

Republican youths have been blamed for bringing parts of Derry’s Bogside area to a standstill

Published April 3, 2006

British demilitarisation promised

An announcement that British army personnel in the North will be reduced to 5,000 by July 2007 has been greeted with scepticism by nationalists.

Published April 3, 2006

SDLP stunned by resignation

The vice-chairman of the SDLP has resigned from his position, launching a bitter attack on the party and its leadership.

Published April 3, 2006

No future in parties’ fanciful ideas on assembly

In an unusually sharp and pointed criticism Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams publicly questioned the quality of the advice being given to US president George Bush, which is shaping his administration’s policy in relation to the peace process here.

Published March 28, 2006

Irish example for Basque peace process

Tributes have been paid to the Irish role in bringing about the ceasefire by Basque separatist group ETA, particularly that of peace intermediary Fr Alec Reid.

Published March 28, 2006

Looking to the Future - Adams

The following is the text of the address on Monday by Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MP to Sinn Féin’s National Elected Representatives Forum in the Writers Museum, Parnell Square in Dublin.

Published March 28, 2006


Sinn Féin has said it is not willing to take part in an Assembly if there is no prospect of having an Executive up and running by the summer.

Published March 28, 2006

Cash for victims and families lies unclaimed

Just one third of a 9 million Euro fund set up by the Dublin government to help victims of the conflict has been claimed, it has emerged.

Published March 28, 2006

Hunger strikers and families remembered

Republicans across the country yesterday lit candles on Sunday to mark the 25th anniversary of the 1981 hunger strike.

Published March 28, 2006

Informers ‘getting away with murder’

The family of a 19-year-old Catholic man shot dead by unionist paramilitaries have publicly denounced the police investigation which has failed to yield a single arrest in almost four years.

Published March 28, 2006

SF, Greens rise in latest poll

Bertie Ahern’s Fianna Fail party is losing ground amid a swing to the more progressive parties, according to the latest 26-County poll conducted by the Red C organisation.

Published March 28, 2006

McDowell under strain

Pressure is growing on the 26-County Minister for Justice, Michael McDowell after has was forced to apologise twice for political outbursts while controversy mounts over unexplained deaths in police custody.

Published March 24, 2006


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