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Justice for victims unlikely, says British truth panel

In a carefully-crafted public address yesterday, the new “Consultative Group on the Past” warned that, while the British role in the conflict should be acknowledged, victims should not expect to secure the justice they were seeking.

Published May 30, 2008

Trimble links DUP to killings

Former First Minister and Ulster Unionist leader David Trimble has said that unionist paramilitary violence during the period of the first Belfast Assembly was linked to DUP opposition to the Good Friday Agreement.

Published May 30, 2008

Attack on Belfast commercial property

Two incendiary devices were discovered at a department store in Belfast after one partially detonated in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Published May 30, 2008

Annual Famine memorial day approved

Forgotten victims of the Irish Famine are to be remembered in an annual official memorial day for the first time.

Published May 30, 2008

Triumph for hunger-strike movie

A film about hunger striker Bobby Sands has won a major award at the Cannes film festival.

Published May 30, 2008

RIRA claim bomb attack

The Real IRA has claimed responsibility for a bomb attack against a member of the British Crown forces in County Tyrone on Monday of last week.

Published May 23, 2008

PSNI’s stalling tactics blasted by coroner

The senior coroner in the North of Ireland has strongly criticised the PSNI after an inquest into the killing of an IRA man almost 16 years ago was delayed again.

Published May 23, 2008

Arms ‘ultimatum’ for unionist paramilitaries

British Direct Ruler Shaun Woodward has warned the UDA and UVF the “train is leaving the station” for them to hand in their weapons and commit to the peace process.

Published May 23, 2008

Bush to visit Belfast to back stalled process

US President George W Bush is planning to visit Belfast next month, where he is expected to claim the Irish peace process as part of the legacy of his presidency.

Published May 23, 2008

H-Block movie draws prejudice

Unionists attacked a film about life on the H-blocks during the 1981 IRA Hunger Strike even before it was screened for the first time as part of the Cannes Film Festival last week.

Published May 23, 2008

Death of Brian Keenan

Senior Provisional IRA commander Brian Keenan has died after a battle with cancer.

Published May 21, 2008

Britain recognises UVF ceasefire

The British government has announced that it has decided to once again recognise a ceasefire by the unionist paramilitary UVF.

Published May 16, 2008

FBI agent is focus of Omagh trial

Fresh doubts have been cast over the testimony of top FBI informer David Rupert in the Omagh civil action, which is sitting in Dublin.

Published May 16, 2008

Inquest secrecy opposed

Nationalists have warned the British government that they will oppose any attempt to introduce 'draconian' new laws allowing a British Direct Ruler to order that inquests must be held in secret.

Published May 16, 2008

Attacks continue despite peace efforts

A Catholic man is recovering from head injuries after he was attacked with baseball bats and a knife in a sectarian attack in Ballymena.

Published May 16, 2008

Court hears details of Stormont murder bid

Unionist serial killer Michael Stone planned to "slit the throats" of Sinn Féin's Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness, Belfast Crown Court was told this week.

Published May 16, 2008

McGuinness says IRA finished, attacks hardliners

Sinn Féin’s Martin McGuinness has warned that any attempt to bring the Provisional IRA back into the political equation “is a big mistake”.

Published May 8, 2008

Paisley, Ahern declare history at Boyne site

First Minister Ian Paisley at the Battle of the Boyne site said on Wednesday that people should together share “this island home” of Ireland and be an example to the world.

Published May 8, 2008

Tear down the walls, urges Bloomberg

A high profile US-Northern Ireland investment conference has been taking place in Belfast this afternoon [Thursday].

Published May 8, 2008

US still holds H-Block escaper

H-Block escapee Pol Brennan will remain in a Texas jail for several more weeks, and possibly months, after an immigration judge denied him bail.

Published May 8, 2008


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