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Arthur Morgan not to contest seat

arthurmorgan.jpg Sinn Fein’s Arthur Morgan, the party’s spokesman on finance, will not contest the next general election. The Louth deputy confirmed this week he wanted to return to his family business, after serving two terms.

Published November 12, 2010

Arthur Morgan to step down

Sinn Fein’s finance spokesman Arthur Morgan said tonight he will not stand in the next general election.

Published November 9, 2010

Grenade attack stuns PSNI

grenade.jpg The use of a military fragmentation grenade in an attack on a PSNI patrol in west Belfast marks a new departure for the armed campaign of Oglaigh na hEireann (ONH) and the breakaway IRA groups.

Published November 8, 2010

‘Germans’ running 26-County finances

ollirehn.jpg On the day it emerged European bureaucrats have taken up offices in the 26-County Department of Finance, EU economic commissioner Ollie Rehn flew into Ireland to inspect the Dublin government’s economic plans.

Published November 8, 2010

PSNI aggression in Armagh

psniraids.jpg Sinn Fein Six-County Minister Conor Murphy has lambasted the PSNI police after they used loudhailers, spotlights and marksmen to arrest a man who was later cleared of any involvement in a suspected robbery.

Published November 8, 2010

Hunger strike dispute goes on

comm.jpg Former IRA prison leader Brendan ‘Bik’ McFarlane has declared that a document from the 1981 hunger strike proved that republicans did not reject a British government deal to end the 1981 Hunger Strike.

Published November 8, 2010

Protest at Garda brutality

studentprotest.jpg Student groups have organised an anti-Garda brutality march following last week’s scenes of state violence against students protesting at planned fee increases in the 26 Count

Published November 8, 2010

Heritage ‘on sale now’

fenianflag.jpg Memorabilia spanning a thousand years of Irish history is set to go under the hammer in the latest controversial sell-off of historical treasures by Whyte’s auction house in Dublin.

Published November 8, 2010

Blood on the streets

studentgardaattack.jpg A brutal Garda attack on a student protest in Dublin which injured and traumatised protesters as young as 16 and 17 years of age has been strongly condemned.

Published November 5, 2010

By-election date set after SF court triumph

dohertyocaolainhighcourt.jpg An impressively strong High Court judgement in favour of Sinn Fein’s Pearse Doherty has delivered a stunning blow to Brian Cowen’s crumbling regime and forced it to finally hold the long-delayed Donegal South West by-election.

Published November 5, 2010

Loyalists attack west Belfast homes

stjamespsni.jpg A four-year-old girl and a pregnant woman escaped injury in a loyalist bomb attack at their west Belfast home.

Published November 5, 2010

‘No more open inquiries’ - British govt

owenpaterson.jpg The British Secretary of State has told the Westminster Parliament in London that there should be no more open-ended investigations into the past conflict.

Published November 5, 2010

Solidarity as McGeough/McAnespie trial resumes

gerrymcgeoughposter.jpg Republican activist and author Gerry McGeough has expressed his thanks to supporters as his juryless “trial” restarted in Belfast this week.

Published November 5, 2010

IMC to be scrapped

imc.jpg A propoganda agency operated by MI5 and PSNI Special Branch is to be disbanded, it was announced on Thursday.

Published November 5, 2010

Govt sets by-election date

In the wake of today’s High Court decision, the Dublin government has announced this evening that a by-election will be held between November 22nd and 29th in Donegal South-West alone.

Published November 3, 2010

Police attack student protest in Dublin

Riot police attacked students in Dublin today with baton charges, dogs, armored vehicles and horses after the students protesting against government cuts occupied the Department of Finance and threw eggs at the Dail.

Published November 3, 2010

SF wins by-election ruling

The High Court in Dublin has upheld a legal challenge by Sinn Fein aimed at forcing the coalition government to hold the long-awaited by-election in Donegal South West.

Published November 3, 2010

Former minister quits politics

Donegal North East TD Dr Jim McDaid has resigned his seat in the Dublin parliament.

Published November 2, 2010

The IMF man cometh

imf.jpg A bailout of the 26 County state by the European Union and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is increasingly likely as confidence in the coalition government’s ability to manage the state’s economy ebbs away.

Published November 1, 2010

Shadowy forces behind Derry raids

sas.jpg The 32 County Sovereignty Movement has warned that undercover British military personnel have been witnessed operating on back roads around Derry city, heavily armed and dressed in black military fatigues.

Published November 1, 2010


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