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Address by Gerry Adams to Sinn Fein Ard Fheis 2014

gerryadamsardfheis.jpg The full text of the address by the Sinn Fein leader to his party’s annual conference in Wexford this weekend.

Published February 9, 2014

‘Nothing normal’ about Stormont - McGuinness

mcguinnessardfheis2.jpg Speaking on the eve of the Sinn Fein annual conference, the Six-County Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness has urged the DUP to turn away from loyalist extremism and bring an end to the “embarrassing” political stalemate at Stormont.

Published February 7, 2014

Loyalists force teacher to quit job

catherineseeley.jpg A Catholic schoolteacher at a north Belfast school has been forced to leave her school district after becoming a a target for a sectarian loyalist hate campaign.

Published February 7, 2014

Family of murdered man find evidence of British lie

eamonnmcdevitt2.jpg The family of a deaf man who was shot dead by the British Army 42 years ago say they have unearthed documents that prove he was unarmed when he died.

Published February 7, 2014

Thousands march for justice

bloodysunday2014.jpg Several thousand marchers in Derry have heard fresh demands that those responsible for the Bloody Sunday massacre be held accountable for their actions.

Published February 7, 2014

Son’s fears for activist’s health

margaretta2.jpg Concern is growing for the well-being of jailed peace activist and writer Margaretta D’Arcy who remains in Limerick prison despite international protests for her release.

Published February 7, 2014

Bandsmen attack pedestrian

southbelfastyoungconquerors.jpg A Catholic man was attacked by loyalist bandsmen as he attempted to cross a city centre street during a parade last weekend.

Published February 7, 2014

A hero’s return

murneyout.jpg Stephen Murney has been released on bail at the culmination of a farcical trial in which the prosecution openly sought to criminalise him on the basis of his republican political beliefs and his activism as an éirígí press officer.

Published January 31, 2014

Loyalist hate protest turns into riot

riotskainos.jpg A protest by loyalist extremists against a reconciliation event involving ex-combatants and victims took place amid riotous scenes last night [Thursday] as missiles and abuse were hurled at those attending.

Published January 31, 2014

Jordan family vindicated after marathon legal journey

pearsejordanfamily.jpg The findings of a bogus inquest into the RUC police shooting of an IRA Volunteer more than 20 years ago are to be quashed, the High Court in Belfast has ruled, and a new inquest is to be held.

Published January 31, 2014

Questions for PSNI’s Bloody Sunday investigation

bloodysundaybody.jpg The Bloody Sunday families have called for the PSNI to begin interviewing soldiers who killed anti-internment protestors in 1972 amid indications that a criminal investigation into the massacre is finally getting underway.

Published January 31, 2014

Ballymurphy families gain support

ballymurphydail.jpg Family members of eleven people killed by the British Army in west Belfast over 40 years ago met with the Taoiseach Enda Kenny on Thursday. In a break from his party’s policy, the Fine Gael leader backed their efforts for a new investigation into the deaths.

Published January 31, 2014

Biblical reversal on ‘blasphemous’ play

bibleplay.jpg A ‘blasphemous’ comedy about the Bible which was banned by unionist religious extremists in County Antrim went ahead this week after international publicity shamed the council into a u-turn.

Published January 31, 2014

Baggott heads for the door

mattbaggottbig.jpg PSNI Chief Matt Baggott has announced he is to resign as head of the British police in Ireland after almost five years in the post, and will not seek a renewal of his contract when it ends in September.

Published January 25, 2014

Paisley lashes out at party, church

robinsonpaisley.jpg Former unionist firebrand Ian Paisley has publicly accused the current leadership of the party he founded of betraying him and of suddenly, and brutally, ousting him.

Published January 25, 2014

Garda chief seeks to silence Dail testimony

callinanpac.jpg The possibility of whistle-blowers coming forward to expose wrongdoing is under renewed threat in the 26 Counties after the Garda police chief announced to a Dail parliamentary committee that he would take legal action to prevent any current or former Garda member speaking to them.

Published January 25, 2014

Cameron avoids talks role

cameronwarmonger.jpg The British government has backed away from a pro-active role in dealing with the issues of flags, parades and the past in the north of Ireland despite the collapse of talks in Belfast.

Published January 25, 2014

Ardoyne residents defend right to assembly

damianfennell.jpg Seventeen nationalists are to sue the PSNI police and Crown prosecutors after a judge dismissed allegations that they staged an unlawful protest during a sectarian parade in north Belfast.

Published January 25, 2014

Rubber bullet inquest to be reopened

thomasfriel.jpg A new inquest has been ordered into the death of a 21-year-old Derry youth who was killed by a British Army rubber bullet in 1973.

Published January 25, 2014

Gagged, bound and released

martincoreyflat.jpg After almost four years in jail without charge, Irish prisoner of conscience Martin Corey was released from custody on Wednesday -- but only on condition that he stay away from the media and his home town or face being returned to jail.

Published January 17, 2014


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