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Castlederg massacre ‘would be a great service’

ruthpattersonflat.jpg A unionist councillor was charged by the PSNI this evening over her public support for the idea of a loyalist massacre at next week’s republican commemoration in Castlederg.

Published August 2, 2013

Twelfth riots ‘a taster’

twelfthwoodvaleprotest.jpg After warning that the July 12 conflict was “only a wee taster” of future protests, the anti-Catholic Orange Order and its loyalist supporters have said they will make weekly bids to march through the nationalist Ardoyne community in north Belfast.

Published July 26, 2013

Ardoyne under siege

loyalistrioters.jpg After a week of the most intense loyalist violence, a decision by the Parades Commission to reroute another planned march by the anti-Catholic Orange Order has been welcomed as good news.

Published July 19, 2013

Loyalists ‘planning new Drumcree’

bonfireeffigy.jpg A total of eighteen mass sectarian rallies are being held today across the Six Counties, marking the height of the Protestant marching season and the most difficult and dangerous period of the year for Catholics.

Published July 12, 2013

G8 security used against Short Strand

steelwall.jpg A giant steel wall was erected around the Short Strand enclave in east Belfast this week in an unprecedented military operation to seal off the nationalist enclave ahead of one of a number of sectarian Orange Order parades.

Published July 5, 2013

Anglo fraudsters exposed

anglobankers.jpg Telephone conversations recorded five years ago between top bankers at Anglo Irish Bank at the heart of the bank’s collapse have enraged the Irish public and confirmed that a culture of delinquency and deception lay behind its failure and nationalisation by the 26-County state.

Published June 28, 2013

G8 shame - and pride

g8puppets.jpg The sycophantic feting of the world’s most powerful leaders in the British-occupied north of Ireland this week has disgraced politicians in both parts of the island.

Published June 21, 2013

Oppressive G8 policing underway

g8protestlondon.jpg A member of eirigi has become the first person to be arrested ahead of a giant security clampdown on political protests in advance of the G8 summit in the Irish border county of Fermanagh gets under way within the next few days.

Published June 14, 2013

Death of a Republican legend

ruairiobradaigh4.jpg Ruairi O Bradaigh was “a towering figure” of Irish republicanism who came to embody the “very essence” of the Republican tradition, his successor as leader of Republican Sinn Fein, Des Dalton, has said.

Published June 7, 2013

Marian is home

marianpricesepia.jpg The release of Irish prisoner of conscience Marian Price is being celebrated as a significant victory for justice campaigners and a key step in securing the freedom of other prisoners currently interned in the north of Ireland.

Published May 31, 2013

‘Bad faith’ highlighted by new arrest

johndowneytoobig.jpg Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams has accused the British government of breaching commitments given during peace talks over a decade ago following the arrest of leading Donegal Sinn Fein member John Downey.

Published May 24, 2013

‘High level’ collusion admitted

cameronfinucane.jpg Senior British government officials permitted a campaign of state-backed killings by unionist paramilitaries and the RUC (now PSNI) police to be conducted at the height of the conflict, a senior security adviser for the British government has finally admitted.

Published May 17, 2013

Mini-Twelfth ‘madness’

drumcreeorangebig.jpg A decision to allow the anti-Catholic Orange Order to gather in a public park surrounded by Catholic homes in Portadown has been described as ‘an act of unionist political madness’ by the Garvaghy Road Residents Coalition (GRRC).

Published May 10, 2013

Craigavon Two appeal ‘sabotaged’

craigavonappeal.jpg An appeal by two men convicted of a Continuity IRA attack in 2009 was dramatically derailed this week after the PSNI arrested and interrogated a key witness in an apparent attempt to pressure him into withdrawing his evidence.

Published May 3, 2013

Holy Cross tensions renewed

holycrossprotest.jpg Loyalists have returned to intimidate the Holy Cross Catholic girls’ school in north Belfast, almost 12 years after a previous campaign of violence and terror made international headlines.

Published April 26, 2013

PSNI back UVF flag display

uvf100flag.jpg Masked loyalist paramilitaries erected more than 600 UVF flags in east Belfast last weekend along key arterial routes, without consultation or notification in an operation that involved cherry pickers operating in broad daylight.

Published April 19, 2013

Celebrations follow Thatcher’s death

thatcherparty.jpg There were street parties in Derry and Belfast following news of the death of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher this week.

Published April 12, 2013

Commemorations in contrast

easter2013b.jpg Thousands of republicans gathered at scores of events across Ireland last weekend to mark the 97th anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising.

Published April 5, 2013

Old order reasserts?

helenmcentee.jpg Ireland’s two largest conservative parties battled it out yesterday in a by-election count which saw the left-wing vote decimated and Fine Gael ultimately hold onto a seat thanks to a wave of sympathy for a grieving daughter.

Published March 29, 2013

Apology but no answers

johnpatcunningham.jpg The family of a man with special needs shot dead by British soldiers in County Armagh almost 40 years ago have said an apology from the British government is not enough.

Published March 22, 2013


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