Republican News · Thursday 28 August 2003

[An Phoblacht]

Harvey and McGlynn 30th anniversary commemoration this weekend

The 30th anniversary of the deaths of IRA Volunteers Seamus Harvey and Gerard McGlynn will be commemorated this Sunday 31 August. Those attending the commemoration are asked to assemble at the Border Inn, Kilclean, on the main road from Castlederg to Castlefin at 6pm. The main speaker will be West Tyrone Assembly member Barry McElduff.

On 10 August 1973, Gerard McGlynn and Seamus Harvey were transporting a bomb and were about 200 yards from the customs post at Kilclean, on the Donegal border, when the device accidentally exploded, killing both Volunteers instantly.

Volunteer Gerard McGlynn was a native of Castlederg and lived on the Castlefin Road just outside the town. Although only 18 years old at the time of his death, Gerard was already recognised as a dedicated and determined republican. Like many of the young men of his age from the Castlederg and Strabane areas, he knew the risks that had to be taken and he was totally committed in the pursuit of objectives.

Volunteer Seamus Harvey was a married man with a young family. He had been living in Donegal on the run from his hometown of Castlederg for about 18 months prior to his death. At the young age of 22, this must have been a terrible burden for Seamus and his family, but like many others, he was not deterred by his forced exile and returned across the border many times during this period to engage the British forces based in the area. A few weeks before his death, Seamus and three other young men appeared in court in Dublin charged with IRA membership and possession of weapons. The threat of a lengthy prison term did not deter him from continuing to remain active in the ranks of the IRA.

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