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Black week remembered

The first week in February ten years ago was an awful one, with ten civilians and an IRA Volunteer shot dead and more wounded. more

40,000 mark 30th anniversary of Bloody Sunday

Some 40,000 people from all over Ireland and the rest of the world retraced the steps of the thousands who marched against internment and for civil rights in January 1972.

United Ireland will not be a cold house for unionists

Adams has told a New York audience that republicans are seeking a strategic engagement with unionism to begin a debate now about the nature and form of a new Ireland.

Bombs, threats and beatings

Loyalist violence continued this week with a series of attacks, including a booby trap car bomb, a number of serious assaults and renewed threats against Catholic workers and members of the GAA.

SF response to Policing Board meetings

Sinn Fin policing spokesperson Gerry Kelly has said that there can be "no compromise on accountability in regard to the Policing Board's meetings wqith Nuala O'Loan and Ronnie Flanagan.

Loyalist mob at Craigavon council

Craigavon Sinn Fin Councillor John O'Dowd and colleagues were lucky to escape injury after loyalist protesters threw fireworks at them during a debate.

Caolin campaign kicks off with balloons

An energy-charged rally in Monaghan last Friday evening saw the launch of Caoimhghn Caolin's Leinster House reelection drive.

Carnival Committee again seeks funding

The St Patrick's Day Carnival Committee is to meet Belfast City Council staff to discuss the possibility of getting funding this year.

Rosemount Tower must go

British security minister Jane Kennedy's has been accused of lacking understanding of the situation on the ground in Derry.

Ahern urged to enforce racism pledge

The Sinn Fin prospective TD for Dublin South-West, Councillor Sen Crowe, has urged the Taoiseach to take firm action against Cork TD Noel O'Flynn over his recent comments.

Maidstone escape: Swimming to freedom (Part 2)

The concluding part of An Phoblacht's two-part special on the daring escape of seven IRA prisoners from the Maidstone prison ship in January 1972.

`I was in prison and you came to visit me'

Sinn Fin President Gerry Adams MP has expressed his condolences to the family, friends and Congregation of Sister Sarah Clarke, who died on Monday evening, 4 February.

`We will do better than this'

Sinn Fin's newly selected candidate for Dublin North-Central spoke at a debate on Republicanism in Maynooth University last week.

Crowe calls on Nestle to assure workers

The news that Nestle Ireland is to sell off some of its best known brands has generated huge concern that jobs are about to be lost.

Knowledge is power

"Knowledge is the key" according to InterTradeIreland's new three-year corporate plan, launched last week.

Jobless total jumps 7,500

Jobless figures released last weekend showed the biggest rise in the Live Register for January since 1993.

Noraid in South Armagh

A 35-strong delegation of Noraid supporters visited Ireland last week, visitng South Armagh, Monaghan and Derry.

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