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Sinn Fin leaders toil to save process

Intense media speculation surrounding the supposed intentions of the IRA has created enormous confusion and uncertainty, not just among republican activists but also wider afield. more

Reid finally accepts the obvious

After three killings and more than 200 attacks on Catholics in the past year, British Secretary of State John Reid finally declared that the seven-year UDA 'ceasefire' is over.

Ten Freemen laid to rest

JIM GIBNEY was among the republicans who paid tribute at the re-internment of ten IRA Volunteers of the 1921 era.

Finucane murder weapon revelation

The weapon used to kill Belfast defence lawyer Pat Finucane has effectively been destroyed by the British Army.

Euro Court orders Brits to compensate detainees

The European Court of Human Rights at Strasbourg has ordered the British government to pay compensation to two republicans detained in Castlereagh Holding Centre in Belfast.

Witnesses describe cold-blooded killings

A witness has told the Bloody Sunday inquiry how he watched as one of the victims, Jim Wray, was killed as he lay injured on the ground.

South Armagh to take on choppers in Europe

Legal action may be taken against the British government following a landmark ruling in the European Court of Human Rights.

The shirt off your back

The shadow of former Taoiseach Charles haughey hung over the annual conference of Bertie Ahern's Fianna Fil party last weekend, writes ROBBIE MacGABHANN

Monaghan jobs disaster

Sinn Fin TD Caoimhghn Caolin has called for immediate action to provide employment in a county that has been "scandalously ignored".

TDs face bin charge anger in Finglas

Last Tuesday night's meeting against the Bin Charges in the north Dublin suburb of Finglas was marked by the unexpected arrival of local TDs.

Mayo councillor joins Sinn Fin

Councillor Gerry Murray, who resigned from Fianna Fil last month, becoming an Independent, has now joined Sinn Fin.

Nelis calls for working group on higher education

Mary Nelis has urged the establishment of a working group for the development of Higher Education in the North West.

Government must respect electorate on Nice

Sinn Fin's representative to the Forum for Europe has described comments that there will be no change in the text of the Nice Treaty as deeply insulting to the Irish electorate.

Campaign to save rural post offices

A meeting was organised recently in Killala as part of a campaign to save the rural post office network.

Health chiefs to lose bonuses

Sinn Fin health minister Bairbre de Brn has introduced a new system of payment for senior health service employees

Tough talking as SF meet Crespo

Enrique Baron Crespo, leader of the Parliamentary Group of European Socialists, and a delegation of Socialist MEPs met a Sinn Fin delegation in Leinster House on Tuesday, 9 October.

Sinn Fin sweeps the colleges

Sinn Fin continues to grow by leaps and bounds in the universities of Ireland.

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