Republican News · Thursday 20 September 2000

[An Phoblacht]

Sellafield facing closure?

According to BNFL it is make or break time for the MOX (Mixed Oxide Fuel) nuclear reprocessing plant. It was reported this week that a BNFL delegation will leave for Japan at the end of the week, with the job of clinching orders for the MOX fuel.

As it is, losses at BNFL for 1999/2000 have already reached 337 million. Following the controversy with Japan over BNFL's falsification of quality control data, the company has not only had to bear the cost of bringing the eight fuel consignments back to Britain, but also has had to pay 40 million compensation to the Japanese. BNFL is threatening the loss of 500 jobs if the MOX reprocessing plant is closed.

``Maybe it will mean the survival of 500 people on this side of the sea, if BNFL at last agrees to close the plant, something which other EU countries, including Ireland have been demanded with increasing determination,'' says Arthur Morgan, who has consistently campaigned against Sellafield.

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