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Even Police Authority slams Mandelson's Bill

Sinn Féin's Gerry Kelly says that the current British government proposals on policing fall far short of the changes proposed in the Patten Report. more

A week of upheaval

Politics moved decisively out of the silly season this week, with both the British and Dublin governments facing a barrage of criticism and protest.

Loyalist bomb attack in Bangor

A bomb attack in Bangor in which a man was seriously injured and was initially blamed on the LVF may have been carried out by the UDA as part of their ongoing feud with the UVF.

Violence on the Shankill

A look at the history of the loyalist Shankill Road and its role in the conflict in Ireland.

The out of prison experience

A study has been pyblished into what opportunities for employment, training and further education are open to those republican prisoners who had been released from jail before 1990.

Meehan set to increase Sinn Féin vote

Sinn Féin candidate Martin Meehan said that there was no doubt that ``Sinn Féin will do extremely well''.

Masked gunmen spotted in Twinbrook

Two masked men spotted near a bar in Twinbrook, West Belfast may have been British soldiers involved in an undercover operation.

Pickering condemns Drumcree violence

Drumcree rector Reverend John Pickering has finally distanced himself from the violence which accompanied Orange Order protests in Portadown this summer.

Cross Border Injustice to farmers

Farmers on both sides of the Louth Border came to a meeting this week about the brucellosis epidemic in the area.

AMAI Conference

The Association of Municipal Authorities of Ireland held its annual conference last week in the pleasant seaside spot at Inchydoney.

Provide better services not tax cuts - Ó Caoláin

The Dublin government has been urged to resist calls for further tax cuts for the wealthy and to use its massive budget surplus to provide better health, education and childcare services.

They all stand together, but for what?

Síle de Valera, Fianna Fáil minister, provoked outrage from the Leinster House opposition parties this week.

Enterprise Oil make a `clean' getaway

The Dublin government has been accused of squandering the the vast quantities of natural gas off the west coast of Ireland.

Martin's empty moves on health

Fianna Fáil Health minister Mícheál Martin has announced his plans to improve the health system.

Hope and History: Debating the future

The curtain went up on Ireland and South Africa's history at the final performance of the DubbelJoint/JustUs production of Brenda Murphy's play 'Forced Upon Us'.

Woman awarded damages against RUC

A West Belfast woman was awarded 5,000 damages against an RUC raiding party after they broke her door down in 1997.

Who's telling you how to think?

Michael Pierse argues for more debate and academic study of media ownership in Ireland.

Sectarian attack in Newcastle

The future of blood and thunder loyalist demonstrations in the County Down town of Newcastle may be in doubt following violence associated with last Saturday's loyalist march.

Education and Empowerment in South Armagh

Camloch, South Armagh was the venue last weekend for Ógra Shinn Féin's Education and Training seminar.

Sellafield facing closure?

According to BNFL, it is make or break time for the MOX (Mixed Oxide Fuel) nuclear reprocessing plant at Sellafield.

Immunity of government agencies must end

Sinn Féin Assembly member Mary Nelis has said that the fact that the Water Service enjoys immunity from prosecution is a ``failure of accountability.''

Sinn Féin consults lesbian and gay groups

Sinn Féin councillor Chrissie McAuley hosted a meeting between party activists and representatives of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) support organisations.

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