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No sign of demilitarisation

Sinn Féin's Gerry Kelly told a press conference in Belfast yesterday that for the peace process to succeed, politics must be seen to work and British demilitarisation must be seen to be under way. more

Concern at arrest of Basque leaders

Sinn Féin has expressed concern over the arrest of 20 members of the regional executives of the Basque independence party, Euskal Herritarok, by the Spanish Government.

US Representatives reject British police bill

U.S. representatives have voted in support of a resolution to Congress demanding the full and unequivocal implementation of the Patten Recommendations on policing.

Growing nationalist confidence in South Antrim

The electoral battle in the heartland of unionism is seen as one of the most challenging in recent times.

Loyalist feud continues

Shankill Assembly member Billy Hutchinson fears a further escalation in the feud between the UVF and UDA.

Two bases attacked

Several people were treated for shock after a mortar bomb was launched on Wednesday morning at the Newry Road RUC barracks in Armagh.

Deaths narrowly avoided

Attacks carried out last on the homes of two nationalist families living in the Ormeau Road area of Belfast could have cost five lives.

Mandelson plays unionist card on flags issue

New proposals for the flying of flags announced by the British secretary of state last week are against the spirit of the Good Friday Agreement.

Wim on a whim

Michael Pierse sees no reason for the Dublin government to heed budget demands from the European Central Bank.

EU sues Britain over Sellafield

The EU Commission announced on Monday that it is suing Britain over plans to dismantle a nuclear reactor at Sellafield in Cumbria.

Report reveals abuse of asylum seekers rights

Strange things are going on in the asylum division of the 26-County Department of Justice.

Building the Equality Agenda in Cabra

Nicky Kehoe, Dublin City councillor, explains what makes Sinn Féin different as a party.

Housing policy `a catalogue of failure'

Sinn Féin TD Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin has said the Government's housing policy has been exposed.

Smithfield skyscraper slammed

The decision to allow a high-rise development is set to reignite the campaign against high-rise developments in Dublin's inner city.

Extra 10,000 students in private rented sector

Figures show an increase of over 10,000 in the number of university students living in flats and apartments in the 26 Counties.

Waste management battle spreads

Sligo County Council is being urged to withdraw its support for the Connaught Draft Waste Management plan.

NZ group scales back activities

New Zealand-based Irish solidarity group Information on Ireland has decided to scale back its activities.

Australian police attack WEF protesters

Australian police attacked protesters in Melbourne at a meeting of the World Economic Forum this week.

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