Republican News · Thursday 07 September 2000

[An Phoblacht]

It is clear that Carrickmore is part of Ireland, therefore the colour of the post boxes should be green. The Belfast central post office sends their people out in the dark of night to paint them red again, just to show that Ireland is part of Britain, and whenever they do, some republicans repaint the boxes green again the next day.

Sinn Féin's Barry McElduff on the campaign to keep Carrickmore's post boxes green as opposed to the Royal Mail's red

Tony Blair has under his control all the answers to the questions we have raised.

Martin Finucane, brother of assassinated solicitor Pat Finucane, calling for a public inquiry ahead of the family's meeting with Tony Blair earlier this week

The British Government cannot continue to ignore calls for the truth about the planning and murder of Rosemary Nelson from throughout this island. Nor can they continue to ignore the worldwide support for an independent international judicial investigation and inquiry into Roseary Nelson in death. In life, the British Government failed to protect Rosemary Nelson. In death they are failing to give her justice.

The Rosemary Nelson Campaign

What I want to know is why the British empire is promoting this pain - why can't the empire make right its wrong.

Hollywood actor Brad Pitt on Britain's involvement in Ireland in an interview with a popular men's magazine

If the Orange Order's stated policy of opposition to loyalist paramilitaries is to have any credibility, it can only view Saturday's incident with considerable seriousness. Any failure to instigate disciplinary proceeding s would send an unmistakable signal to the wider community.

Editorial in last Monday's Irish News on the laying of floral tributes by the Orange to a dead UVF member in Belfast last Saturday

Bertie Ahern has criticised ``selfish workers'' for not giving time to community and voluntary work. That's rich coming from the prime minister in a government where Health Minister Míchéal Martin refuses to honour commitments given to the Society of St vincent De Paul in relation to funding of a hostel for homeless men. Rather than criticising those who don't give of time and expertise, it might better fit Mr Ahern to ensure those who give generously are supported by his Ministers.

Editorial in last week's Ireland On Sunday

You don't put refugees in Dublin 4.

A Dublin 4 resident displays a lack of céad míle fáilte

There's Adam Clyner, major-league asshole from the New York Times.

US Presidential candidate George W Bush forgets the mike is still on at a Labor Day election rally in Chicago

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