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Finucane case witness hospitalised

A key prosecution witness in the case against William Stobie, charged in connection with the 1989 assassination of civil rights lawyer Pat Finucane, has signed himself into a psychiatric hospital. more

US Congress discusses Patten

A US Congress Committee discussed a resolution in support of the full implementation of the Patten Commission's recommendations on policing in the Six Counties.

Loyalist feud exposes Orange state

The photograph of a uniformed RUC officer saluting the coffin of loyalist paramilitary Bobby Mahood said it all.

British Army HQ expansion

Behind the scenes the British government is set yet again to expand British Army installations and barracks in the Six Counties.

Brits face de Chastelain bugging claim

The British government has been accused of another serious breach of faith.

Inflation hike leaves jobless worse off

For the first six months of this year, Bertie Ahern and Charlie McCreevy ignored the reality of rising inflation, writes Robbie MacGabhann.

Lynx helicopter hypocrisy

The British military has been accused of hypocrisy over its continued use of the Lynx helicopter in the Six Counties.

McBride call for justice

The eighth anniversary of the killing of North Belfast teenager Peter McBride was marked by a series of events throughout the Six Counties and in London this week.

Meehan makes debut Antrim challenge

Long-standing Ardoyne republican Martin Meehan will carry the Sinn Féin torch in this month's Westminster by-election in South Antrim.

Loyalists in hammer attack

Ormeau Road residents saved a man from serious injury or death when they frightened off a loyalist gang who were attacking him.

Mowlam bows out

The decision by Mo Mowlam to announce her retirement from politics was hardly a surprise.

Details boost case for Nelson investigation

The Rosemary Nelson Campaign says a number of questions remain unanswered in the investigation into the murder of the human rights lawyer.

New Judge for Bloody Sunday Inquiry

A retired Australian High Court Judge has been appointed to the Bloody Sunday Tribunal of Inquiry.

Making them listen in Louth

Two Louth county councillors have brought a U.S. anti-incineration expert to a council meeting at their own expense so that his arguments could be heard.

Equal access to education?

The Dublin government contrives scarcity through ineptitude and then shuffles its obligation to provide a service across to the private sector, writes Roisin de Rosa.

Locals oppose dwarfing of Kilmainham Jail

Property developers are planning to dwarf historic Kilmainham Jail and surrounding houses.

Fianna Fáil councillors against Waste Plan

Last Friday, Galway County Council unanimously rejected the Connaught Regional Draft Waste Management Plan.

No change at BNFL

There is less confidence than ever in the British nuclear industry following the latest revelations on Sellafield.

Transforming transport

Peter Bunting of the National Bus and Railworkers Union (NBRU) speaks to An Phoblacht's Michael Pierse about transport and trade unionism.

It's not just about McCreevy

Speculation on the likelihood of a resignation of Finance Minister Charlie McCreevy managed to miss the point completely, argues Michale Pierse.

Six die in site accidents

Six construction workers died on building sites in the first seven months of the year.

Support for agriculture urged

Sinn Féin has called for greater unity of purpose between all the District Councils in confronting the farming crisis.

Crisis in West Belfast drinking water

The pollution of the drinking water in the greater Belfast and Lisburn area which has escalated to crisis proportions.

Up Wexford!

Tens of thousands of traditional music fans descended on the picturesque Wexford town of Enniscorthy recently.

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