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IRA honours its commitments

In a statement received exclusively by An Phoblacht from Óglaigh na hÉireann on Wednesday, 25 October, the IRA reiterates its commitment to a just and lasting peace. more

Mandelson flies flag for unionists

The British government's proposed legislation on the flying of the Union Jack from public buildings in the Six Counties is being seen as a sop to unionists.

Sectarian attacks

A man badly injured during a sectarian gun attack in Coleraine at 6.45am on Wednesday 25 October has been attacked by loyalists on at least two other occasions.

Policing reform needed North and South

Policing reform, as envisaged by the Patten Report, is also a big issue south of the border, according to a leading consultant on policing.

No radical programme for change - Adams

The Draft Programme for Government has been described as `an important milestone in the peace process and the process of conflict resolution'.

A red herring

The British Home Secretary has slapped another Public Interest Immunity Certificate onto the Saville Inquiry.

Apprentice Boys `hijack' Armistice Day

The Lower Ormeau Concerned Community has condemned plans for a self-styled ``Remembrance parade'' along the Lower Ormeau to the Cenotaph on 11 November.

Collusion can of worms is open

The British government has opened a can of worms with the Pat Finucane investigation.

1,510 Soldiers discharged, but not for murder

Two guardsmen convicted of the murder of Belfast teenager Peter McBride are still serving in the British Army.

Then and Now: 1980 Hunger Srike

In an interview with An Phoblacht, former Republican POW and H Block hunger striker Raymond McCartney spoke of his experiences on `the Blanket'.

Tallaght's unexplained asthma epidemic

In 40 of 42 houses in one Dublin estate, there is at least one person suffering from bronchial or asthmatic trouble.

Clonakilty UDC protests hospital crisis

The deteriorating situation in Cork hospitals has provoked an unusual protest.

Jail threat galvanises ministers

It took a threat from a judge to jail three 26-County ministers to get action over a troubled child.

Ó Caolain raises decentralisation in Dáil

The issue of decentralisation was raised once again in the Dáil by Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin last week.

Dubarry Workers blockade company.

Pickets were placed on the Dubarry shoe manafacturing plant in Ballinasloe, County Galway, this week.

Internment and Bloody Sunday

Edward Heath, the former Conservative Prime Minister, has announced his intention to retire from political life at the next election.

Fullerton murder inquiry call

Mary Nelis, Sinn Féin human rights spokesperson, has supported the call of the family of Eddie Fullerton for a full public inquiry into his death.

Gas blow for West

The West and North west are also to be denied access to the new gas being piped ashore.

Invest to overcome inequity

26-County taxpayers are spending 130 million annually to subsidise the hospital stays of private patients.

Let someone else make the sandwiches

Women gathered together from all across the Connaacht region in Ballinamore, County Leitrim, last Saturday.

Councillor demands urgent fire safety review

Cork City Sinn Féin councillor Jonathan O'Brien has called for an urgent review of all fire safety procedures in Cork Corporation housing estates.

Sinn Féin attracts more young members

Ógra Shinn Féin National Organiser, Councillor Matt Carthy, explains why Sinn Féin is finding increased support among young people.

Dublin dental patients wait six years

The crisis in the orthodontic service has left children waiting up to six years to have treatment.

Resurgent UCG Sinn Féin

Six-County Education minister Martin McGuinness recently visited University College Galway for its Societies Day.

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