Republican News · Thursday 12 October 2000

[An Phoblacht]

DONAGHY, Volunteer John (died 10 October 1972); GREW, Volunteer Dessie (died 9 October 1990); JENKINSON, Sinn Féin member Noel (died 9 October 1976); MAGUIRE, Volunteer Patrick (died 10 October 1972); McCAUGHEY, Volunteer Martin (died 9 October 1990); McKINNEY, Volunteer Joseph (died 10 October 1972). ``No nation is conquered until its mind is conquered, until it accepts defeat. No nation capable, of however futiely and impotently, denying with arms in the hands of even a few of its sons that it is conquered and submerged in its conqueror can be considered as having lost its existence.'' - James Connolly. Always and forever remembered by their many friends and comrades in the Republican Movement.

CAMPBELL, Sheena (8th Ann). In memoray of Sheena Campbell. Ireland unfree shall never be at peace. Always remembered by her son Caolán and her partner Brendan.

CAMPBELL, Sheena (8th Ann). In proud and loving memory of Sinn Féin member Sheena Campbell, murdered by pro-British death squads on 12 October 1992. Always remembered by Stephen Millar, Newry and Dublin.

CAMPBELL, Sheena, (8th Ann) In proud and loving memory of our comrade Sheena murdered by pro-British death squads. `The fools the fools they have left us our Fenian dead'. - PH Pearse. Always remembered by Upper Bann Sinn Féin Comhairle Ceanntair; A friend, a comrade, a mother, a Sinn Fein activist. Harassed, censored, banned and finally murdered by pro-British death squads. Always remembered by her comrades in the Brian Smyth Sinn Féin Cumann Brownlow, Craigavon; An inspiration in death as in life. Always remembered by her comrades in the McKerr/Burns/Toman Sinn Féin Cumann Lurgan; They may kill the revolutionary but never the revolution. Always remembered by her comrades in the Julie Duggan Sinn Féin Cumann Portadown; A strong woman is a woman determined to do something others are determined not to be done. Always remembered by her comrades in the Campbell/Crossey Sinn Féin Cumann.

FITZSIMONS, Francis (24th Ann). In proud loving memory of our father Francis Fitzsimons, and his comrades Joseph Surgenor, and Paul Marlowe, Oglaigh Na hÉireann, Belfast Brigade. Who lost there lives in active service on 16 October 1976. Always remembered with loved and pride by your son's Martin and Harry. 26+6=1.

GREW, Dessie; McCAUGHEY, Martin (10th Ann) In proud and loving memory of Volunteers Martin McCaughey and Dessie Grew, East Tyrone Brigade, Óglaigh na hÉireann, who were murdered on 9 October 1990. ``We have no right to believe that freedom can be won without struggle.'' - Ché. Proudly remembered by Christy.

McAREAVEY, Daniel (28th Ann). In loving memory of my brother, Volunteer Daniel McAreavey, D Coy, 2nd Batt, Belfast Brigade, Oglaigh na hEirerann. It seems the war has ended but I only hope and pray your life you give will secure a free Ireland some day. Always remembered and never forgotten by his loving brother Hugh and wife Mary and all his loving nephews, nieces and great nephew


QUIGLEY, John. Died 7 October 2000. RIP. Always remembered by his sister-in -law Marie, brother-in-law Billy , niece Marie, nephew Kevin. St. Anthony pray for him.

QUIGLEY, John. Deepest sympathy is extended to the Quigley family circle on the death of John. Always remembered by North Belfast Sinn Fein Comhairle Ceanntair, Barney Boswell Cumann, Newington, New Lodge Sinn Féin, Caughey/Saunders Cumann Ardoyne, and Ligoniel Sinn Féin. St Jude pray for him.

QUIGLEY, John. The Arnison family mourn the loss of a great Irish republican, a staunch fighter for a cause which must and will be achieved. Our children and grandchildren will always be reminded of the contribution made by John and his family in the struggle for truth and justice against the oppression of the British state. ``Man's dearest possession is Life and since it is given to him to live but once he must so live as to feel no tortured regrets for a life without purpose''. So live that dying he can say `All my life and all my strength was given to the greatest cause in the world. The liberation of mankind. Always remembered by Jim, Milly Joan, Anne and Patricia and all the children and grandchildren.

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