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Ahern backs Patten and
demands Police Bill changes

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams said that he had been assured Taoiseach Bertie Ahern remained committed to the `full and faithful' implementation of the Patten report. more

Ireland features high in US Presidential race

Never before has Ireland featured so highly in an American Presidential election.

Trimble survives again

There may well be another attempt to remove Trimble after the forthcoming meeting of the Ulster Unionist ruling council.

RUC add insult to injury

A 15-year-old nationalist girl from Ballynahinch was subjected to a torrent of sectarian abuse from loyalists, while the RUC looked on.

British army helicopter crash lands

The British military was accused of placing lives at risk after it was confirmed that a British army helicopter had crashed near Glassdrummond.

Loyalists glass Gaelic sports pitch

Children as young as four could have suffered serious injury after loyalists scattered the glass from dozens of bottles across a County Derry GAA pitch.

RUC university propaganda stunts

Sinn Féin representatives have objected to the RUC being allowed to put on propaganda stunts in third-level institutions.

British cover up continues

The British government has been reported to the United Nations over gagging orders imposed on newspapers exposing British collusion with loyalist death squads.

Israelis move deadline as Palestine suffers

On Tuesday, the Israeli government stepped back from its threat to unilaterally declare the Middle East peace process dead.

Gutter journalism shames BBC

Panorama, and by extension the BBC, is not very far removed from felon-setting in broadcasting Monday's programme, Fern Lane argues.

Patten Commissioner speaks out

A member of the Patten Commission, speaking at a public meeting in Toronto last week, reiterated that the Patten Report cannot be ``cherry picked''.

Leaked memo reveals RIR cover up

The British army will not take disciplinary action against a number of RIR soldiers who posed with a loyalist Spirit of Drumcree flag on 12 July last year.

Catholic school children still fearful

A mother has described her daughter's frantic call from her mobile phone as she fled from a loyalist mob last week.

Sneaky RUC spies

An RUC undercover operation took place near the Twinbrook/Poleglass Sinn Féin advice centre last week.

War and the Irish economy

Important business is still going on in the Assembly despite the media focus being elsewhere.

British government feeds racism

The impact of British legislation on immigration and asylum provides a warning of what may be to come in Ireland.

Crazy golf

The lawlessness of Liam Lawlor was astounding on Tuesday, as the Dublin West TD refused to attend the Flood Tribunal.

Cross-border campaign against incinerator

Councillors gathered last week to express their common concern at the proposed Dublin government plan for incineration in the North East Region.

Planning to reverse rural underdevelopment

Community groups in rural areas are in crisis because of delays in the regional funding pipeline.

Family devastated by eviction

A Dublin family were forced to roam the streets as the Eastern Regional Health Authority failed to provide them with emergency accommodation.

New Light on ESB Pylons

ESB chief Ken O'Hara ran into awkward moments at last week's meeting of the Dáil Trade and Enterprise Committee.

Larkin remembered

The annual James Larkin Memorial march and rally took place in Liverpool on Saturday, 30 September.

Students launch homophobia awareness campaign

The Union of Students of Ireland (USI) is launching a ``Coming Out Campaign'' to mark National Coming Out Day.

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