Republican News · Thursday 5 October 1999

[An Phoblacht]

Armagh Jail situation deteriorates

THE brutal treatment of the young Prisoners (YPs) in Armagh Prison has brought protests from all sections of the Republican Movement. A statement from the imprisoned volunteer soldiers in `A' Company, Armagh Prison, graphically relates how the Yp's were beaten with batons and home made clubs. One particularly sadistic attack, witnessed by the Republican prisoners, occured when a young lad refused to obey a punitive order from a screw.

The PO assailed the boy with fists and boots, when the YP fought back in self-defence other screws joined in the attack and gave the young man a brutal beating. Only the actions of the republican girls saved young prisoners from a massed attack during the week. The girls, unable to get into the YP's wing to forcibly defend them, refused to enter their cells and threatened to wreck the wing if the governor didn't call off the human dogs.

The names and details of incidents involving the screws and boys in the Borstal wing have been sent out by the republicans in an effort to force a change in policy.

Derry comhairle Ceantair have gone further and iniated a campaign to highlight the affair. They have distributed the numbers of the jail, the Home Office and the Stormont Pres Office, to the people of Derry. It is hoped that enough people can bring pressure through phone calls to influence Rees.

Republican News, Saturday 4 October 1975.

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