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End non-jury courts - Sinn Fein

Gerry Adams has said that the retention of non jury courts and repressive laws, whether in the Six or the 26 Counties, is at odds with a credible human rights ethos. more

US pressure on policing grows

Political leaders in the United States have held the spotlight firmly on the failure of the British government to implement the Patten Report.

Loyalist bombers shatter early morning calm

A bomb attack meant to kill a Larne Catholic seriously injured his Protestant companion on Sunday morning.

British Army used loyalists as `operational arm'

Information detailing how British intelligence officers viewed loyalist killer gangs as `an operational arm' of the British army is emerging.

RUC lists details of nationalists in private book

An RUC man who had details of up to eight nationalists in a private notebook is being investigated by the ICPC.

RUC arrest 14 year old

A 14 year old school boy was shown pornographic material by RUC members who had just arrested him for allegedly making rude gestures.

British soldiers hold flats resident at gunpoint

A 30 year old resident of the Divis Tower in the Lower Falls in West Belfast was held at gunpoint by British soldiers.

Catholic school children attacked

North Belfast schoolchildren travelling home from school are being repeatedly targeted in sectarian attacks.

Loyalist fascism exposes Brits

The presence of Combat 18 at the funeral of a UDA killer has further exposed the ethos underpinning British rule in Ireland.

Diarmuid O'Neill campaign continues

Last weekend was the fourth anniversary of the shooting dead by London metropolitan police of Diarmuid O'Neill.

Trimble appoints McMichael and Monteith

Hypocrisy marked the announcement by the First Minister of his candidates to sit on the Civil Forum.

Dead end looms for coalition

Leinster House returns to what could be the last months or even weeks of the Fianna Fail/Progressive Democrat coalition, writes Robbie macGabhann.

Dublin Government fails to meet GFA obligations

The Dublin government has not moved on a commitment to examine the incorporation of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) into Irish law.

Cautious welcome for Human Rights Act

The new Human Rights Act came into force in Britain and the Six Counties on 2 October.

Asian told leave or die

Racist abuse, threats and assaults are becoming a regular occurrence in Ireland.

Denmark says No

Danish voters decided last week by a margin of 53% to 47% not to enter the single European currency.

Initial victory against Kilmainham plans

Plans by property developers to dwarf Kilmainham Jail and surrounding residences with a large development have received a set-back.

Martin McGuinness launches research report

Minister Martin McGuinness has launched a major research report into the effects of the selective system of secondary education in the Six Counties.

PANA Campaigns for Neutrality Amendment

The Peace and Neutrality Alliance (PANA) has embarked on a campaign to have Irish neutrality enshrined in the 26 County constitution.

Crowe slams waste management report

Incineration and service charges were just two of the serious issues discussed this week by South Dublin County Council.

Residents of Sligo estate protest

Residents of Rathedmond estate in Sligo have begun their second week of street protests over traffic.

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