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Police Bill a broken promise

Sinn Féin ministers Martin McGuinness and Bairbre de Brún on Wednesday won the right to a judicial review of David Trimble's decision to exclude them from Cross-Border Ministerial meetings. Martin McGuinness is here pictured outside the court house in Belfast

Peter Mandelson's flawed Police Bill was hurried through its final vote in the House of Commons on a guillotine motion at Westminster on Tuesday night. more


Sinn Féin representatives assaulted by RUC

The human rights of two Sinn Féin representatives were outrageously abused by the RUC at a checkpoint in Seaforde last Saturday.

Colonel `J' exposed

The British Army officer at the centre of the collusion controversy in the North of Ireland has been revealed.

Human rights training `a waste of time'

Human rights training involving RUC Special Branch officers has been exposed as a farce.

Share the Wealth in Budget 2001

We carry an edited version of Sinn Féin's 26-County Pre-Budget 2001 Submission.

Loyalist killer at neo-Nazi ceremony

Loyalist killer Stephen Irwin was amongst a crowd of British neo-Nazis shouting fascist slogans during Poppy Day ceremonies in London on Sunday 12 November.

South Derry anger at slow pace of Brits

Vice-Chairperson of Magherafelt District Council Séamus O'Brien has said that republican and nationalist anger at the slow pace of demilitarisation is growing.

Former Armagh jail governor shamed

A former governor of Armagh jail, Tom Murtagh, has been fiercely criticised by the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee in a report published last Thursday.

Private incinerator planned for border

Just weeks after Louth County Council rejected the North East Regional Plan for waste by incineration, the County Council executive attempted to reactivate the discussion.

`US media backs Israeli colonialism'

Noted Palestinian academic, author and human rights campaigner Dr Edward Said discusses the biased coverage of the US media towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Buy nothing day

'Buy Nothing Day' is intended to counter the huge amount of spending and consumption done not just in December but all year round.

Folklore Project honours IRA Volunteers

The Dublin North Inner City Folklore Project last Saturday unveiled a plaque in memory of two Dublin Brigade IRA men.

Europe's Rapid Reaction Force

The EU took a major step towards the militarisation of Europe at last Monday's meeting of the defence and foreign ministers pledging conference held in Brussels.

A matter of opinion

Sinn Féin is seen in a different light from that articulated by the leaders of the country's political parties, according to a recent poll.

Censorship, censorship

It has became the law that no media could publish the name of an asylum seeker without first obtaining the Minister of Justice's permission.

Short Strand Songs of Resistance CD

A CD has been produced marking the 30th anniversary of the battle of St Matthews, the first major military engagement of the war.

British nuclear industry's 90 billion clean up

After 40 years of pollution, the British government is finally deciding to think about how to clean up tonnes of radioactive waste.

St James remembers its dead

This weekend sees the annual commemoration for fallen Volunteers from the St James' area of Belfast.

Strikes are about sharing the wealth

Another week of industrial disputes has left tens of thousands of travellers without services for days while secondary school students were again sent home.

Women in struggle

A monument commemorating women's contribution to the struggle for Irish freedom is to be erected in Belfast within a year.

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