Republican News · Thursday 16 Novemeber 2000

[An Phoblacht]

Dangerous Donegal junction

Motorists in west Donegal are expressing concern about what has been described as a ``very dangerous junction'' in the Gaeltacht village of Loughanure (Loch an Iuir) and their concerns are now being taken up the Niall Plunkett O'Boyle Sinn Féin Cumann in the area.

The crossroads junction is part of the main N56 secondary route that runs through county Donegal and the offending traffic island on the Annagry road has been causing headaches for many visiting motorists since it was put in place earlier this year. The island splits the traffic flow coming from Annagry onto the N56 and traffic going via Annagry in a bid to increase safety byur has nmerely caused added confusion for drivers.

Motorists unfamiliar with the junction are veering right rather than left when coming from Annagry and are unexpectedly meeting oncoming traffic coming from the Dungloe direction. A rather small unlit arrow indicating the proper direction has been put in place by Donegal County Council but the fact that electricity has not yet found its way as far as it leaves it literally useless, especially after dark. Residents feel it's only a matter of time before a serious accident occurs.

other fault with the junction is that motorists coming from Annagry who do veer left before crossing onto the N56 do not have a clear view of traffic coming from the Dungloe direction and vehicles have to edge onto the busy road to get a clear view. A golden opportunity to widen the entire junction was ignored by Donegal County Council two years ago and this has left the village with a dangerous junction for possibly the next 100 years.

The matter is being pursued at present by the local Niall Plunkett O'Boyle branch of Sinn Féin, which will be making representations to the relevant authorities

College vandals

Ongoing vandalism to windows on the Irish language college in the Loughanure, County Donegal Gaeltacht has been condemned by the local Niall Plunkett O'Boyle branch of Sinn Féin which, among others, uses the premises for meetings.

The local caretaker reports that up to 40 windows have been smashed in recent weeks at considerable cost to the college authorities, who make the place available for the community throughout the year. The local Naionra (playschool), which is also situated in the building, was forced to close one day recently when several of the windows were broken.

Every year, the premises hosts over 1,000 Irish language students from various parts of the Six Counties who come to learn and improve on the language and these courses provide a huge economic boost to the local economy. Last year, the building was given a complete overhaul at considerable cost and is now among the finest colleges in the Gaeltacht, boasting the biggest number of students each year.

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