Republican News · Thursday 02 Novemeber 2000

[An Phoblacht]

Breast Cancer Screening Should Be Election Issue

Sinn Féin in Mayo believe that the decision to take the Breast Screening unit away from Castlebar will be an election issue.

Speaking after the protest by up to 500 people at Mayo General Hospital in Castlebar last week, Vincent Wood of Mayo Sinn Féin said that he wasn't surprised by the level of anger expressed when Bertie Ahern arrived with a subdued Beverly Cooper-Flynn in tow.

``The people at today's protest made in very clear that they would accept nothing short of a reversal of the decision to deprive the women of Mayo a facility that was clearly seen to be working for them,'' said Wood. ``This is a major blunder by Fianna Fáil and shows how out of touch they are with public opinion on this matter.

``This episode is a clear example of how the politics of economics and expediency outweighs consideration for people's quality of life. We look forward to the day when people do not have to protest at such decisions, because politicians would have a different mindset - one that puts people first and has quality of life as the primary consideration. Judging from many of the decisions that are made by establishment parties we have a long way yet to go.

``Sinn Féin in Mayo fully support the campaign of the Mayo Cancer Support Group for the retention of the Breast Screening facility and add our voice to those calling on local and national government politicians to reverse their decision.''

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