Republican News · Thursday 18 May 2000

[An Phoblacht]

Loyalists threaten Connolly marchers

The annual James Connolly commemoration march, due to take place in Edinburgh on 10 June, is being threatened by loyalists.

The march, organised by the James Connolly Society, takes place annually on the birth date of Connolly, who was born in Edinburgh. This year, loyalists, using the internet, are attempting to organise, ``direct action'' against the march.

Calling on their fellow loyalists to assist in the ``destruction of the IRA'' in Scotland, the loyalists are describing the marchers as ``scum'' and ``filth''.

The loyalists have singled out Jim Slaven of the Connolly Society and posted a photo of him on their web site. They also published the phone number and address of the James Connolly Bookshop in Edinburgh, which Slaven manages.

Slaven says loyalists were to blame for an attack on the shop just before Easter.

Slaven was also one of a group of republicans who carried out a spectacular anti-RUC protest on the day of the opening of the Scottish parliament. As Elizabeth Windsor's carriage made its way along High Street, the protesters leaped across crash barriers with Disband the RUC posters.

The march itself assembles at King Stables Road at 1pm on Saturday 10 June, and a prominent Sinn Féin figure will speak.

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