[An Phoblacht]


Policing Bill totally unacceptable

This week has been dominated by fears that the British government was again going to jeopardise the peace process by entertaining unionist demands. more

Journalists pursued in censorship clampdown

Another journalist writing about Britain's covert war in Ireland is to be arrested.

Great waste management debate

Opponents of incineration had a chance to put their arguments directly to the drafters of the plans in a Galway debate.

Portadown loyalists attack nationalist homes

Up to 200 masked loyalists attacked the homes of nationalists living along Craigwell Avenue in Portadown on Tuesday night.

Ardoyne loyalist threat

Fears that loyalists are about to carry out attacks on nationalists in North Belfast were heightened at the weekend after an Ardoyne man received a bullet through the post.

UN supports ex-prisoners' freedom of expression

A United Nations report on freedom of expression has endorsed complaints against the BBC initiated by republican ex-prisoners,

CRJ: Community response to crime

The debate over the response to teenage crime and anti-social behaviour in working class communities rages on.

Inspectors in Ireland

International monitors President Martti Ahtisaari and Cyril Ramaphosa were in Ireland on Monday, 15 May.

Loyalists threaten Connolly marchers

The annual James Connolly commemoration march, due to take place in Edinburgh on 10 June, is being threatened by loyalists.

PUP's arsenal

Arms including a British Army issue SA 80 rifle, were uncovered by crown forces in the Ballymoney offices of the UVF-linked Progressive Unionist Party.

gry Maginnis caught on camera

Ulster Unionist Ken Maginnis became incensed after being caught in a lie at a University of North London debate on Robert Hamill.

Dublin/Monaghan relatives want the truth

A wreath-laying ceremony at the 1974 Dublin and Monaghan bombings memorial in Talbot Street, was followed by the annual commemorative Mass.

Adams unveils Kent Memorial in Cork

Gerry Adams was the guest speaker at the unveiling of a memorial to 1916 martyr Thomas Kent at Kent station in Cork city.

My Canadian Odyssey

Following an Easter visit to Canada, West Belfast Assembly Member Councillor Alex Maskey has paid tribute to those he met who are working for justice and peace in Ireland.

Welcoming the New Irish

Ireland, North and South, is visibly becoming increasingly multicultural, writes Irina Malenko.

Warning - slippery when wet

Former assistant Dublin city and county manager George Redmond was in the witness box at the Flood Tribunal.

Healthcare inequality

A new survey by Trinity College researchers has found that a huge disparity in the distribution of general practice doctors.

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