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IRA paves way
for just peace

The IRA leadership restated its commitment to a just and lasting peace in Ireland, ``despite the abuse of the peace process by those who persist with the aim of defeating the IRA and Irish republicanism''. more

Kieran Nugent dies

It was with great sadness that last week republicans learned of the untimely death of their comrade, legendary IRA Volunteer and the first blanket protestor, Kieran Nugent.

Thousands remember hunger strikers

There was a large turnout in Belfast for the 19th commemoration march for the 1981 hunger strikers on Sunday, 7 May.

RUC officers jailed

Three RUC men and a British soldierhave been convicted of attempting to pervert the course of justice, threatening to kill, assault and causing actual bodily harm.

Sectarian terror on Springfield Road

A loyalist gang smashed their way into a Catholic couple's Belfast home last Saturday and threatened to kill the occupants.

Flood gates open

These are just three simple questions that the Irish public want answered this week, writes Robbie MacGabhann

O'Neill family to appeal verdict

The parents of Volunteer Diarmuid O'Neill confirmed that they intend to appeal the February verdict of lawful killing of their son by British forces.

British admit Orange parades are sectarian

As tension heightens ahead of July, the British government has finally admitted that Orange Order parades are a sectarian issue.

Criminalising dissent

Two weekends ago, a small group of political activists and human rights campaigners gathered in London to protest against a new piece of legislation.

US lawyers back Nelson and Finucane inquiries

A statement from the office of Brooklyn District Attorney Charles ``Joe'' Hynes marks a significant step in the Rosemary Nelson Campaign in the United States.

Livingstone's back

The Blair project received a blow on 4 May when Londoners voted for Ken Livingstone as the city's first directly elected mayor.

Maskey leads Montreal May Day March

Sinn Fein Assembly member Alex Maskey walked with trade union leaders at the Quebec May Day march.

Sinn Féin Assembly member settles case

Francie Molloy, Sinn Féin Assembly Member for Mid Ulster, settled out of court this week for a four-figure sum.

Incinerator protest at Dublin Corpo

Dublin Corporation's proposal to build an incinerator on the Poolbeg Peninsula in Ringsend continues to meet with local opposition.

Demilitarisation: ``A welcome first step''

Sinn Féin Assembly member for Newry and Armagh Conor Murphy has welcomed the announcement that a number of British military installations are to be closed.

Human Rights Commission critical of Stevens

The Six-County Human Rights Commission (NIHRC) has criticised the restricted remit of the inquiry into the killing of Belfast civil rights lawyer Pat Finucane.

Recruitment attempts in London

Irish activists in London are being approached by the intelligence services in what appears to be an effort to recruit informers.

Textile workers locked out

Thirty redundant workers have been picketing the offices of the Colmeg clothing company in Dublin's Cork Street for the last two weeks.

Mast wars in Carrick-on-Shannon

Eircell, along with a small army of `security men', sneaked into the ESB sub-station in Carrick-on-Shannon at 6am last week to erect a high mobile phone mast.

Rich get richer

There are now 55,000 ``super rich'' people across the globe, according to a new survey by US investment bank Merrill Lynch and Gemini Consulting.

Wexford row over social housing plans

The appalling condition of newly refurbished flats in New Ross has created has been highlighted by local Sinn Féin Councillor John Dwyer.

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