Republican News · Thursday 04 May 2000

[An Phoblacht]

Ellis demands action in Finglas

At a packed and very lively public meeting in St Joseph's School in Finglas on 26 April, Sinn Féin Councillor Dessie Ellis demanded strong action from the Gardaí and Dublin Corporation to curb the growing problem of `joy-riding' and anti-social behaviour in Finglas West.

Ellis, who organised the meeting in response to requests from local people, praised community activists who are working hard to improve the area but criticised those parents who refuse to take responsibility for the actions of their children and allow them to roam the streets at all hours.

Ellis praised the work of Joe English and Dave Kenny of Dublin Corporation, who are now clamping down on anti-social tenants. They had interviewed 200 tenants over the past 6 months and evicted several who continued to make life impossible for their neighbours, although evictions and exclusions, stressed Ellis, should only be a last resort.

The proliferation of so-called company cars was causing great danger in the area. Dessie urged the Gardai to target known rogue car dealers in the Finglas area, who were recycling scrap cars which had failed the National Car Test for around 50 apiece. Gardaí are seizing 75 a week in the Blanchardstown/Cabra/Finglas areas, he said, but they are being replaced just as quickly.

Dessie Ellis also highlighted the lack of facilities in Finglas. Much of the available space was being taken up with new housing and it was vital that Dublin Corporation build proper leisure and youth centres before all the space was gone.

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