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Loyalist councillor in hit list cover up scandal

A Belfast UDP councillor who was given a loyalist hit list containing the details of 27 nationalists and republicans tried to cover up its existence. more

The plain and simple truth

The biggest inquiry in British legal history opened at Derry's Guildhall on Monday, 27 March.

British still dance to Orange tune

Operation Save David Trimble is a charade and a clever, albeit entirely transparent renegotiation tactic by unionism, writes Sean Brady.

Shoot to kill goes to Europe

Shoot to kill and collusion will come under the international spotlight again next week at to the European Court of Human Rights.

RIR soldier involved with Nazis

An RIR soldier charged with membership of the sectarian LVF has connections with the British Nazi group Combat 18, according to the anti-Fascist magazine Searchlight.

AIB directors 21% wage increase

The five executive directors of AIB had no problems securing their wage increases.

Lessons to be learned from Newington's plight

Like many other nationalists, I was disappointed upon hearing Newington Football Club's decision to go ahead with its recent fixture with the RUC.

Springfield Road Barracks abandoned

Rumours that the RUC have abandoned their barracks at Springfield Road in West Belfast came as welcome news to local residents.

Chapel under surveillance

Sophisticated crown forces surveillance equipment directed at a Catholic chapel in Blackwatertown in County Armagh was only discovered by chance.

Dublin Bus workers ``will not be defeated''

Public bus and rail services throughout the 26 Counties ground to a halt this week.

Clegg promoted

The British paratrooper involved in the killing of two unarmed West Belfast teenagers has been promoted to the rank of corporal.

Criminal Justice Review due today

Proposals due to be published by the Criminal Justice Review will be published today, Thursday, 30 March, An Phoblacht has learned.

Ó Caoláin confronts Minister on housing crisis

The housing situation in Monaghan shows how the government has completely failed to address the crisis.

British still in war mode says Labour MP

The British government still envisages engaging in a war, Labour Party MP John MacDonald told a public meeting this week.

McElduff makes his mark in Omagh by-election

The Chief Electoral Officer has been forced to close an Orange Hall normally used as a polling station for the forthcoming by-election.

Peltier transfer a minor victory

A prolonged campaign by international human rights activists and indigenous organisations to secure medical care for imprisoned American Indian Movement activist Leonard Peltier has resulted in the Lakota man's transfer on Monday to a federal medical center in Rochester.

Lawyer puts pressure on Flanagan

An American lawyer has written to RUC Chief Constable Ronnie Flanagan, asking why no officers have yet been disciplined over threats to the life of murdered solicitor Rosemary Nelson.

Search resumption welcomed

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams welcomed news on Wednesday that the search for the remains of a number of people killed by the IRA in the 1970s is to resume.

Alliance in Belfast mayor row

Alliance Party Councillors in Belfast have denied they agreed to back the selection of a Sinn Féin mayor for the city this year.

Ahern's office occupied

Members of the Anti Racism Campaign and the Anti Fascist Association occupied Bertie Ahern's constituency office in Dublin on Tuesday evening.

Basques highlight unjust arrests

A three-member Herri Batasuna delegation from the Basque Country was in Ireland this week.

Burmese exiles in freedom plea

The Freedom of the City of Dublin was conferred on the 1991 Nobel Peace Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi.

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