Republican News · Thursday 23 March 2000

[An Phoblacht]

US support for Agreement

In a St. Patrick's Day statement, the influential US Friends of Ireland group has expressed its concern about the collapsing of the institutions by the British government that has threatened the entire peace process.

The statement was signed by the Friends of Ireland Executive Committee, which includes Congressional members Dennis Hastert, Richard Gephardt, and James Walsh and Senators Edward Kennedy, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Christopher Dodd and Connie Mack.

``We share the hopes of the Irish people that the current impasse in the Northern Ireland peace process will be broken soon,'' the statement read. ``We are deeply troubled by the suspension of the democratically elected government of Northern Ireland by the British government and the stalemate over decommissioning. We urge all political leaders in the North to recommit themselves to the spirit and letter of the Good Friday Agreement. We have provided strong and consistent support throughout the peace process to all parties committed to peace, and we reaffirm our commitment to the full implementation of the Agreement.''

The statement pointed out that ``successful implementation is predicated on the concurrent resolution of all the interdependent aspects of the Agreement''.

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