Republican News · Thursday 16 March 2000

[An Phoblacht]

Green Cross Eileen

`Green Cross Eileen', died on 21 February 2000. She lived in Beechmount in the heart of the Falls. When I first met Eileen, her family were all grown up and no doubt along with her husband she thought she could take it easy but things seldom go as planned. 1969 changed many a family, many a way of life was gone for ever.

Eileen was always aware of the terrible injustices in our land but most of all she longed for freedom. Her heart and soul went into that struggle. She joined the ranks of Cumann na mBan and alongside her comrades of Óglaigh na hÉireann, Eileen worked tirelessly and bravely. She was a courageous Volunteer, no task was too great or too small for Eileen to carry out.

Eileen had a special love for prisoners - she spent hours collecting on their behalf helping to ease the hardship prison caused to the families of prisoners. She was very well known as a friend to the prisoners and their dependants, she must have been when affectionately she was named in Beechmount as `Green Cross Eileen'.

The songs and stories of Ireland were also a great favourite with Eileen. I think she knew the words of every republican song ever written.

In your memory, Eileen, we will never give up hope of ``that most certain day''. You inspired all who met you and we thank you. It was a privilege and an honour to have known you as a friend and comrade. We, the republicans of Beechmount, salute you.

``She loved her God, she loved her land. She served the cause of right. In danger's gap she took the stand. To wage the olden light.''


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