Republican News · Thursday 09 March 2000

[An Phoblacht]

Sligo Council slams suspension of institutions

Sligo County Council has adopted a motion expressing opposition to the British government's decision to suspend the Six-County institutions set up under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement. The motion, which was proposed by Sinn Féin Councillor Sean MacManus, was seconded by Fianna Fáil Councillor Jimmy Devins and was adopted unanimously.

The motion reads as follows: ``That Sligo County Council expresses its opposition to the actions of the British government in suspending the institutions of the Good Friday Agreement. Recognising that this unilateral action is a clear breach of the terms of an international agreement, this council calls for the immediate reinstatement of the institutions, in line with Irish government policy.''

Councillor MacManus told the meeting: ``A serious vacuum has now been allowed to develop by the actions of the British government, which if allowed to persist, will ultimately cause serious, perhaps irreparable damage to the Agreement. Initial Irish government reaction to these events has been correct in saying that suspension was wrong and in calling for the reinstatement of the political institutions.''

``After 30 years of war and suffering, are the gains of the past few years to be sacrificed by Britain, is the retention of Trimble as leader of the UUP more important than the wishes and hopes of the vast majority of Irish people? The people of this island, especially of the Six Counties, need to know that there is hope for the political future. That hope can only be given sustenance by the reestablishment of the institutions. We here in County Sligo can play a small but important part in supporting that hope by backing this motion.''

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