Republican News · Thursday 02 March 2000

[An Phoblacht]

Unprovoked RUC assault

A young man from North Belfast was attacked and injured by the RUC last Sunday, 27 February.

Alan Lundy from North Belfast, whose father Alan Senior was shot dead by loyalists in 1994, was walking along Fitzroy Avenue in the south of the city when he was assaulted.

RUC woman who was in the front passenger seat of an RUC Land Rover stopped Lundy, who was wearing a Celtic top, to question him about his movements. He answered that he was going to his girlfriend's house.

Suddenly, the RUC woman grabbed Lundy. He pulled away and at this two other RUC men jumped out of the back of the vehicle. Panicked, he ran off and the RUC chased him. When they caught up with him, Lundy fell, and as he lay on the ground the RUC beat him.

Alan Lundy told An Phoblacht that he blacked out but the RUC continued with their attack, kicking him as he lay prone.

``They dragged my jacket off me and my gutties, which they threw away. They then dragged me along the ground and threw me into the jeep''. As he was being dragged, the RUC woman bit Alan on the hand.

Lundy was held in Donegal RUC barracks for several hours before being released. He went to hospital to have his wounds seen to and received a tetanus injection for the bite. He suffered severe lacerations to his face and bruising to his back and arms.

According to Alan, a number of women witnessed the incident and intend to make statements to his solicitor. Alan has already made a statement and is taking legal advice.

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