Republican News · Thursday 02 March 2000

[An Phoblacht]

P is for Pinocchio

Poster appearing in West Belfast related to Peter Mandelson's recent comments


I was aware of talk of such a group but that was before I became involved with Vanguard in May 1973. I was never a member of the VSC [Vanguard Service Corps - Vanguard's armed wing]. That is pure fantasy.

David Trimble, denying links to loyalist death squads in the 1970s linked to the Vanguard Movement


The collusion that has been exposed in my husband's case is a mere tip of the iceberg. It's an iceberg that is covering the whole of Northern Ireland and it is frightening.

Assassination victim Pat Finucane's widow, Geraldine, speaking after the Dublin government backed demands for an independent public inquiry into the killing


Throughout the course of Irish history, it has always been shown that when there is a political vacuum, that vacuum will be filled by people who are not in a good frame of mind in relation to all of the work that people like myself and others have been involved in over the course of recent years.

Martin McGuinness, speaking in the United States last week


There are still discussions and consultations at all levels, but no particular breakthrough. But we are determined to keep at it.

Bertie Ahern last Friday


Ireland has more in common with Great Britain and the Commonwealth than Northern Ireland does.

Motion at Young Fine Gael conference urging the 26 Counties to rejoin the Commonwealth


We got to the point on Friday last where it collapsed in all this confusion, and manipulation, and opposite spins. At some point, you have to say to yourself `why am I doing this?'

Gerry Adams, in an interview with the Irish Post


If the Good Friday Agreement is lost because the British government caved in to unionist demands, one thing is certain. At some point in the future, a new agreement will be negotiated.

Gerry Adams, speaking at last Sunday's Sinn Féin conference in Dublin.


At best, this is a very slim chance [of Pinochet standing trial in Chile], but the one positive lasting legacy of the Pinochet case will be the legal precedents created by it. The message they send is that dictators and tyrants cannot hope to escape retribution for human rights abuses or murder and torture.

TP O'Mahony writing in last Monday's Examiner

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