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gry but defiant

This week, the British government continued to refuse to restore the institutions set up under the Good Friday Agreement. more

Sectarian shooting in Antrim

The attempted killing of a Catholic man in Antrim Town on Tuesday evening was sectarian.

US politician horrified at Brit occupation

California State Senator Tom Hayden recently spent two days in South Armagh on a fact-finding mission.

Dublin backs Finucane inquiry call

The family of assassinated lawyer Pat Finucane moved significantly closer to the establishment of an independent judicial inquiry.

Government allows developers to exploit students

Last October, 15,000 students sent postcards to Bertie Ahern calling for three things. He did none of them.

A new look at the union's role

The Dublin Alliance of General Construction Operatives took to the streets to protest at the low rates of pension and sick pay in their industry.

Ógra organiser held under PTA

The National Union of Students in Britain has condemned the arrest of Sinn Féin Councillor Matt Carthy.

Chechnya: Russia's pain and shame

Irina Malenko remembers a very special card she sent to a friend for the New Year.

Cherishing the children equally

Lisnevin is a brutal penal institution with a sectarian ethos in which young boys sleep and are often beaten and abused.

O'Neill inquiry call

Cork Ógra Shinn Féin hosted a protest against the recent Diarmuid O'Neill inquest verdict in London.

Reject financial services sector blackmail

The government has been urged to reject what he described as `blackmail' by the Financial Services Industry Association.

evening for Robert Hamill

An evening of stand-up comedy and music on Sunday in the Jazz Café in Camden, North London.

Unprovoked RUC assault

A young man from North Belfast was attacked and injured by the RUC last Sunday, 27 February.

Gas find must benefit Mayo

Sinn Féin's representative in Castlebar is seeking to ensure that the maximum benefit comes to the county from the local gas find.

Paratroop regiment promoted in Derry Journal

The `Derry Journal' has carried recruitment ads for the British Army regiment responsible for the Bloody Sunday massacre.

High Court decision welcomed

Belfast's St. Patrick's Day Carnival Committee has been granted leave to apply for a judicial review challenging the City Council's decision not to fund the parade.

Human rights victims take on RUC

A new poster highlighting RUC human rights abuses was launched at RUC headquarters at Knock on Monday 28 February.

Unions oppose O'Donoghue's measures

Two unions representing Community Welfare Officers who work with refugees have deplored the practice of providing them with just 15 for living expenses.

Welfare Bill creates two-tier poverty

The government is creating a two-tier system of `deserving' and `undeserving' poor, according to Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin.

Wexford roundabout needed

Wexford Sinn Féin Councillor Anthony Kelly is proposing a roundabout and pedestrian crossing to deal with a dangerous traffic hazard.

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