Republican News · Thursday 29 June 2000

[An Phoblacht]

The following is the full text of the IRA statement issued on Monday, 26 June

``On May 6, the leadership of the IRA announced an unprecedented initiative which had the effect of breaking the impasse at that time in the peace process.

In our statement we made it clear that our initiative was in the context of a series of commitments made by the two governments, especially the British government.

We announced that we would:

*resume contact with the IICD, and

*put in place a confidence building measure.

We now wish to confirm that we have reestablished contact with the IICD, and that a number of arms dumps have been examined by the two agreed third parties.

These dumps contained a substantial amount of material including weapons, explosives and other equipment.

The leadership of the IRA have consistently sought to enhance the peace process. This initiative demonstrates once more our commitment to securing a just and lasting peace.''

P O'Neill

Irish Republican Publicity Bureau,


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