Republican News · Thursday 29 June 2000

[An Phoblacht]

It is totally wrong for the Defence Minister to welcome this British Army band to Dublin. The British Army uses such visits as propaganda to present a facade of normalisation and gloss over their continued occupation of araes like South Armagh.

Dublin Sinn Féin Councillor Christy Burke on the playing in the National Concert Hall of a British Army band last week

How, you may be wondering, can any self respecting English man or woman let alone Scot or Welsh, subscribe to this bowing and curtseying and kneeling nonsense? Especially since none of this self-abasement is directed at a democratically elected head of state, but an English woman of German extraction, who is where she is because of twin accidents of birth and abdication, who is married to a man with clearly racist proclivities, and heads up Britiain's best known dysfunctional family.

Irish News columnist Jude Collins on the British royal family

The determination of former Supreme Court Judge Hugh O'Flaherty to take up the government's offer of a 147,000 job in the European Investment Bank flies in the face of public opinion. Nothing has been changed by yesterday's carefully stage-managed PR assault on the airwaves. Serious questions remain unanswered.

Editorial in last Friday's Irish Examiner on the Hugh O'Flaherty affair

It is obvious that recent events had a significant impact on the result.

Berie Ahern on the result of the Tipperary South By-election which saw Independent candidate Séamus Helay take on the main parties and win the seat

Despite this public withdrawal of the threat to kill Catholics, I would urge everyone to remain vigilant.

Sinn Féin's Gerry Kelly after the UFF withdrew their threat to call off their ceasefire

Sinn Féin would give the establishment parties a good shaking, clear out the cobwebs and deliver on the essential services for the city.

Dublin Councillor Nicky Kehoe on his Dublin mayoral bid on behalf of Sinn Féin

Our community has been very dignified in the face of crazy provocation by loyalists and the RUC.

John McGivern of the Springfield Residents' Action Group on the peaceful protest by nationalists to the Orange march in West Belfast last Saturday.

They are peddling this lie about ethnic cleansing in order to cover up their activities as drug peddlers. If the Protestant people of North Belfast are under threat, it is the activities of the drugs barons inside the UDA that is the source. The message the UDA leadership needs to hear loud and clear from both both unionist and nationalist people is we don't want our areas turned into a drug-plagued Ballymena or Dublin.

Mitchel McLaughlin speaking at a commemoration in North Belfast last Sunday

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