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UDA's renewed threat to Catholics

UDA leader Johnny Adair

Masked and brandishing weaponry, the UDA renewed its armed threat against northern nationalists this week on the basis of a spurious allegation. more

Springfield residents call for support

Residents of the Springfield Road in Belfast are bracing themselves for another weekend of intimidation and terror.

Sectarian attacks by loyalists continue

In a week in which the UDA renewed their threat against the northern nationalist community, sectarian attacks against Catholics continued.

Fears grow in Portadown

The anxiety-ridden countdown to 2 July, when the Orange Order intends to walk down the Garvaghy Road, has started in nationalist areas of Portadown.

Orange Order challenged

The proposal of the Orange Order to march in Dublin at the end of May has been a public relations disaster for the order, argues John O'Leary.

Plastic bullets fired at Lurgan protest

Plastic bullets were fired by the RUC at nationalist residents protesting an Orange March through a nationalist part of Lurgan town.

Amnesty International slams governments

Amnesty International's latest annual human rights report has slammed the failure of both the British and Dublin governments to uphold basic human rights.

New SF office opened in Carrickmacross

A new Sinn Féin office was opened in Carrickmacross last Saturday.

Derry woman accuses RUC

Sinn Féin councillor Peter Anderson has described as sinister an incident in which the RUC dropped three rounds of ammunition in the garden of a Derry woman's home.

Housing fix will not hold

The Dublin Government have presented their latest housing fix with the launch of the Bacon III report on housing.

Kelly welcomes demilitarisation

Sinn Féin assembly member for North Belfast, Gerry Kelly, has welcomed the evacuation of a British spy-post.

Martin McGuinness in Washington

Martin McGuinness told US political leaders that the British government ``has a long way to go'' before it reflects the Patten recommendations on policing.

Cherry evidence slams mobile phones

Mobile phones are a serious health hazard, according to a New Zealand physicist.

1998 Offences Against the State Act renewed

The Dublin government this week renewed the repressive 1998 Offences Against the State (Amendment) Act.

Hooligans and hypocrisy

UEFA's threat to throw England out of Euro 2000 was received with almost comic incredulity by the English Football Association, writes Fern Lane.

We are the party of change

Baking hot weather was enjoyed by republicans for the annual Wolfe Tone commemoration on Sunday, 22 June.

Empey gets it wrong

Assembly minister for Enterprise Trade and Investment, Reg Empey, has been praising the North's Industrial Development Board.

Gaughan Remembered

A large number of people gathered in Ballina last week for the annual Volunteer Michael Gaughan Memorial Lecture.

Judge not...

A small box ad brought about 20 interested citizens to a Galway city centre venue on Monday evening.

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