Republican News · Thursday 15 June 2000

[An Phoblacht]

McCrea begged LVF to retain arms

Democratic Unionist MP Reverend William McCrea, who once notoriously shared a platform with mass-murderer Billy Wright after the latter received death threats from his former colleagues in the UVF, was accused in the British parliament on Monday, 12 June, of meeting with the then head of the LVF, Mark Fulton, in the autumn of 1998, in order to beg the organisation not to decommission their weapons.

The accusation came in an Early Day Motion, brought forward under parliamentary privilege, which protects signatories from accusations of libel. The motion, signed by MPs Harry Barnes, Peter Bottomley (a former Conservative minister in the NIO), Fraser Kemp, Tony Clarke, John Grogan and Bill Rammell, condemns McCrea's action as ``a terrible act of political and moral opportunism''.

So far, McCrea has not responded to the accusation, nor has there been any comment from the DUP.

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