Republican News · Thursday 15 June 2000

[An Phoblacht]

Huge Edinburgh march to commemorate Connolly

Despite threats from loyalists to disrupt this year's James Connolly commemoration march in Edinburgh the event passed off peacefully.

Jim Slaven of the James Connolly Society told An Phoblacht that this year's march, held on June 10, was the biggest in years, with over 2,000 people attending. Many of the marchers carried Disband the RUC posters.

In the run up to the march, loyalists had threatened to disrupt the event and, using an LVF web site, called on loyalists to travel into Edinburgh, ``to assist in the destruction of the IRA''.

South Belfast Sinn Féin councillor Sean Hayes was one of the main speakers at the rally and he told the crowd to redouble their efforts ``to ensure that the only true legacy of James Connolly, the establishment of an Irish socialist republican, is finally realised''.

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