Republican News · Thursday 15 June 2000

[An Phoblacht]

Scottish foot patrol runs amok

FOLLOWING the defeat of the Scottish football team in the World Cup, people in the Lower Falls were terrorised as a foot patrol from the King's Own Scottish Borderers fired round after round of plastic bullets in three seperate locations as they moved through the area.

Two teenagers were seriously injured by plastic bullets and two young men were badly beaten when, in what people described a s a `fit of pique' at the defeat of Scotland in the World Cup, the foot patrol ran amok on Monday night.

At Dunville Park, when the foot patrol encountered a group of young people celebrating the result of the Ireland-England match, they fired six plastic bullet rounds through the ark railings before moving off towards Leeson Street. Despite ensuing panic and confusion within the park as people ran for cover, luckily there were no injuries.

At the bottom of Leeson Street, the soldiers stopped two young men on their way home. In a malicious beating, both required immediate hospital treatment, with one man receiving nine stitches on his face and being detained overnight.

At the junction of Albert Street, the foot patrol opened up for a second time, injuring 19-year-old Paul McKinney in the upper left arm.

In Northumberland Street, 14-year-old Dominic McGivern was injured in the shoulder as the patrol again ran amok, firing over 30 plastic bullets into a group of people walking home.

Phoblacht, Thursday 14 June 1990

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