Republican News · Thursday 8 June 1999

[An Phoblacht]

McBride parents welcome assessor's report

The parents of Belfast teenager Peter McBride have welcomed comments made by the Independent Assessor on Military Complaints condemning the delay by an Army Board deciding the future of the two guardsmen convicted of his 1992 killing.

The comments by the Independent Assessor, Jim McDonald, are contained in the annual report of the body published on Monday, 5 June. In it, McDonald criticised the delay of the Army Board and voiced the concerns of many `across the community' at the original Ministry of Defence decision to retain the two soldiers despite their murder convictions.

In his earlier 1999 report, the Independent Assessor also referred to the controversial case, saying, ``it was inappropriate that they... (Guardsmen Mark Wright and James Fisher)... were subsequently reinstated in their regiment'' following their convictions.

Jean McBride, mother of the 18-year-old victim, said: ``This agony has gone on too long. We have had to fight to overturn a decision that should never have made in the first place. These men should have been dismissed as soon as they were convicted. The comments by the Independent Assessor give us hope that others in positions of authority will finally do the decent thing. If they are not dismissed I can promise the Prime Minister that we will haunt him until they are.''

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