Republican News · Thursday 01 June 2000

[An Phoblacht]

It is the right decision and it will be welcomed by the people of this island and beyond.

Gerry Adams after the Ulster Unionist Council vote last Saturday


Jeffrey Donaldson for me ran away from the Good Friday Agreement in 1998. He spent the last two years running away from the Agreement. Maybe the organisers of the Olympic Games should be asked to consider making running away from the Good Friday Agreement an event in the forthcoming games. I am sure Jeffrey would be favourite for the gold medal.

Martin McGuinness on anti-Agreement unionist Jeffrey Donaldson


I do not want to detract from the positive nature of the decision, but David Trimble's comments immediately afterward were totally disgraceful. They were sectarian and racist.

Sinn Féin Health minister Bairbre De Brún on comments made by David Trimble after the Ulster Unionist Council vote on Saturday that Sinn Féin members of government needed to be `house trained'


To bow to unionist demands on the RUC would be like leaving Alabama and Georgia under all-white cops.

White House officials on why Bill Clinton refused to persuade republicans, at the request of Tony Blair, to compromise on RUC reforms


The failure of the Secretary of State to remain faithful to key elements of the Patten Report in the current Policing Bill and his willingness to subject a fundmental issue of civic policing - the right to representative policing - to the `spin and win' politics has provided one of the greatest obstacles to encouragement for young Catholics to have emerged in recent years.

Catholic Church reaction to Mandelson's straying from the Patten Report


If the current trends continue, then it is incumbent on the government and the social partners to make available alternative accommodation which is not only affordable but where security of tenure is guaranteed. Otherwise, the failed legacy of the Fianna Fáil/PD coalition will be that the very first generation of Irish people to be given the option of working here could not afford to put a roof over their heads.

Irish Examiner editorial on the lack of local authority housing in the 26 Counties


Spring, the blue-chip entrepenuer, is moulded far differently from his predecessors as leaders of the Labour Party, who numbered a commercial traveller, a school teacher, a post office worker, a county council employee and a trade union official.

John Cooney on former Labour leader and champagne `socialist' Dick Spring on his earnings outsude Leinster House


Politicians and Gardaí have been told about the houses where this heroin was sold. The dealing has been raised at the task force meetings. If this was happening anywhere else, there would be murder. There are children dying and no one is doing anything.

Crumlin Combined Community Group spokesperson on the recent spate of drug deaths in the Dublin suburb due to poisoned heroin

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