Republican News · Thursday 27 July 2000

[An Phoblacht]

RUC man calls Cathoics ``AIDS carriers''

RUC man who was described as having ``gone berserk'' shouted that Catholics were ``AIDS carriers''.

According to Sinn Féin representative John Leathem Springfield Road residents had gathered in the area last week ``to take stock'' of things after the trouble over the Twelfth. Loyalists had attacked the area on a nightly basis and the area was tense. Local residents had called the meeting in an attempt to calm things and it was while the meeting was going on that this RUC man came along. He abused individuals in the crowd, identifying them by name and then he threatened to come back and kill people.

Leathem said: ``We were trying to create a situation that we could control, given the tension in the area, and this RUC man was just trying to deliberately wreck things. He seemed hell bent on causing as much trouble as possible''.

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