Republican News · Thursday 20 July 2000

[An Phoblacht]

West Belfast snubbed for drugs funding

A leading anti drugs activist in West Belfast has accused the British government of excluding the area from the latest round of funding for drugs programmes announced on Tuesday, 11 July.

According to Gerry McConville of the Drugs Awareness for Youth Project based in the Falls Community Council, none of the 2.2 million earmarked for community based anti-drugs programmes is to go to West Belfast. The money was the second part of a 6 million funding programme announced by NIO Minister Adam Ingram in March.

McConville told An Phoblacht: ``Despite the fact that we have a growing drugs programme in the area, not a single penny has been put into this community. This area has the highest concentration of young people in the North and yet no resources have been made available to work on the area drug prevention strategy. This is totally unacceptable.''

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