Republican News · Thursday 20 July 2000

[An Phoblacht]

Flemish barrister delivers Drumcree solidarity message

A Flemish barrister, Piet De Pauw, who has carried out enormous work on behalf of Irish POWs over the past number of years, was in the North last week to visit the H Blocks, where he met the OC of republican prisoners, Jim `Flash' McVeigh.

However De Pauw also had other business to attend to.

He delivered a message of solidarity from seven members of the Flemish Parliament to the people of Garvaghy Road, a message that he delivered personally to Breandán Mac Cionnaith on Friday 7 July.

In their message, the MPs said they were standing with the people of the Garvaghy Road and wished them the perseverance and courage to ``make your dream and the dream of many generations come true: that of a free and peaceful Ireland for you and your children''.

The letter was signed by Kris Van Dijck, Karel Van Hoorebeke, Paul Van Grembergen, Dirk De Cock, Chris Vandenbroeke, Simone Janssens-Vanoppen and André-Emiel Bogaert.

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