Republican News · Thursday 20 July 2000

[An Phoblacht]

To see a Church of Ireland church faced with a ring of razor wire, armed police and soldiers fills us with a deep sense of shame at what was said and done in our name... On our TV screens over the past couple of weeks we have seen people imprisoned by their tribal beliefs, which turn reason upon its head.

Dr Walton Empey, Church of Ireland Archbishop of Dublin, speaking in St. Patrick's Cathedral on Sunday, 16 July

The black darkness of pre-Reformation Popery is settling down again across the province.

Ian Paisley in fine form last week at an Orange march

All along the route on either side of the road stood spectators saluting them with cans of lager and bottles of cider. It was just 10.15 in the morning and it looked like every off-licence and bar in Belfast had been cleaned out of stock... A man stood in bare feet with the dried blood from a bad gash flaking off his forehead and the inevitable bottle of booze in his hand. It wasn't pretty beginning for the annual 12th of July parade, but then it isn't the prettiest of places.

Caroline O'Doherty writing from loyalist North Belfast for the Irish Examiner

The important lesson to be drawn from An Bord Pleanála's Spencer Dock ruling is that from here on developers across Ireland must be willing to consult local people before embarking on potentially contentious projects. Community interests can no longer be steamrolled by multi-million pound juggernauts.

Editorial in last Friday's Irish Examiner on the decision to disallow elements of the Spencer Dock project in Dublin, much to the delight of the local communities and campagners

It's really hard for the loyalist people to fight, to take their war to Britain. But it might have to be that way. If that's what's needed to persuade Tony Blair that there are other people in Britain then that's what's going to have to happen.

Portadown Orangeman Ivan Hewitt speaking on a Channel 4 documentary revealing neo-fascist links infiltration of loyalism

Tony Blair told us that he wants to see a new policing service. If that is the case, then he needs to recognise that what is on offer falls well short of what is required. If they fail on such a touchstone issue as the issue of policing then I think history will treat Mr Blair and Mr Mandelson very, very badly indeed.

Martin McGuinness on the new Policing Bill

The nonsense of Paisleyism, and other varieties of extremism, has already weakened the Ulster Unionist Party; it is now destroying the Orange Order itself.

Roy Garland in last Monday's Irish News

This proposal is a non starter and is nothing short of a total capitulation by a weak leadership.

Portadown Orangeman after speculation that the leadership of the Order was prepared to talk to the Parades commission and local residents

I'm not a gangster, I'm not a fighter. I'm a soldier of war - a fucking terrorist.

UFF thug Johnny Adair in a new book titled Hard Bastards, which interviews 25 `hard men'

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