Republican News · Thursday 20 July 2000

[An Phoblacht]

Dessie Ellis - political hostage

THE bandwagon of Dublin/Lomdon collaboration will soon begin to roll again on the extradition issue, as Dubliner Dessie Ellis's appeal against his extradition to England gets underway in the High Court in Dublin on Tuesday of next week.

While the `talks' process begun by Peter Brooke grinds to a halt, the real Hillsborough Agreement agenda of increased collaboration between Dublin and London, aimed directly at isolating republicans through increased repressive laws and `security co-operation' continues apace. The whole process of political extradition is a central part of this shameful collaboration and Dessie Ellis's case is of key importance to the British establishment, still smarting from the Dublin Supreme Court's decisions in the Finucane, Clarke and Carron cases.

The British are extremely anxious that Dessie Ellis does not get away. they are hopeful that this case will mark a watershed as it is being heard under the 1987 Extradition Act. Thatcher will be putting immense pressure on Dublin to ensure that from now on there are no more slip ups. Of course what Thatcher and Haughey would most like to see is a conveyor belt system of political extradition based around the 1987 Act.

ybody who is concerned with justice can never let this happen. A few points regarding Dessie's case highlight both the grave injustice which he would suffer and the insult to any standard of justice which extradition of those facing political charges constitutes.

Phoblacht, Thursday 19 July 1990

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