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BBC chief's Police Authority appointment slammed

The appointment of Fabian Monds, head of the BBC in the Six Counties, to the `Police Authority of Northern Ireland' has incensed nationalists. more

Lurgan night of terror

A Lurgan man's evidence of RUC threats against Rosemary Nelson led to a severe beating.

British divide and conquer tactics dismissed

The Patten Recommendations on policing are the floor, not the ceiling, of what is required, Sinn Féin's Gerry Kelly has said.

RUC provocation in Newry

Large numbers of heavily armed RUC personnel behaved provocatively on the streets of Newry last Saturday.

RUC ignore Parades Commission

A Parades Commission determination barring a loyalist band from marching in a nationalist area of Castlederg was ignored by the RUC last Tuesday night.

Hierarchy's belated Drumcree shame

The criticism of Drumcree-related violence by leading Protestant clergymen is too little, too late, argues Fern Lane.

Inflation figures - Ahern and McCreevy to blame

Inflation figures of 5.5% for the last 12 months provoked a barrage of criticism of government economic policies this week.

Battle of the burn hots up

Dublin government plans for a network of waste incinerators throughout the 26 Counties are running into trouble.

Plastic Bullet victims commemorated

A new mural in Twinbrook, commissioned by Sinn Féin, was painted by Andrea Redmond.

Relatives of RUC victims meet Taoiseach

The Relatives for Justice group met with Taoiseach Bertie Ahern at Government Buildings in Dublin on Wednesday.

Orange Hall burnings must stop

Sinn Féin North Belfast Assembly member Gerry Kelly said this week that the burning of Orange halls will achieve nothing.

Restoring our Gaelic placenames

The official approach to placenames in the 26 Counties has little or nothing to do with bilingualism, writes Gerry McGeough.

Waste charge campaigns gear up again

Last week, Dublin Councillors voted to make every householder in the city poorer by 120 to 150 a year.

Naval patrols target Irish fishermen

In the first installment of a two-part investigation into the raw deal endured by Irish fishermen, ROISIN De ROSA reports from Dingle and Castletownbere in County Kerry.

Aboriginal connection in Portadown

A didgeredoo was presented to children and teachers from the Garvaghy Road residents' cultural group last week.

The Glorious Twelfth

News headlines presented a different version of July 12th 'celebrations' than the traditional orange-tinted interpretation.

Pat Cannon Commemorated

Around 150 people assembled at Darndale in Dublin on Saturday for the 24th annual Volunteer Pat Cannon Commemoration.

Flemish barrister delivers Drumcree solidarity message

A Flemish barrister, Piet De Pauw, was in the North last week to visit the H Blocks last week.

Restored Pearse home officially opened

The Ireland Institute proudly opened the doors of the restored Dublin family home of Padraig and Willie Pearse last Friday, 14 July.

Successful Sinn Féin lobby in Strasbourg

Mitchel McLaughlin and Sean Crowe, accompanied by party press officer Dominic Doherty, visited the European Parliament in Strasbourg earlier this month.

Crack down on ``slum landlords''

Sinn Féin Mayor of Sligo Sean MacManus has hit out at the revelation that rented propertues are not being inspected in his area.

Spencer Dock - Democracy wins the day

The decision to block a major part of the 1.2 billion development plan for Dublin's docklands has been welcomed by local residents.

Educational disadvantage persists

Colleges and universities are reinforcing the divisions in Irish society, student representatives have warned.

Radio Ga Ga

It has been yet another week of sensation at the tribunals, with alleged corruption over the allocation of radio licences.

West Belfast snubbed for drugs funding

A leading anti drugs activist in West Belfast has accused the British government of excluding the area from the latest round of funding for drugs programmes.

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